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Welcome to the Genealogy Section of the Great Northern Railway Society.

Two members are combining their expertise on this aspect of the Great Northern Railway. Keith Crouter specialises in employees at the Company’s main works at Doncaster (locomotive, carriage and wagon manufacture and repairs), while David Ingleby looks after ‘everyone else’.

There are two principal aspects to their activities.

The first is to assist, so far as is possible, the descendants of former employees in tracing their ancestors. Keith and

David have access to various local and national records including a list of employees who gave their lives during the Great War. David can advise in the uses of Internet resources such as ancestry web sites.

The second is to collect and collate information about former GNR employees, including details of their railway service (dates, locations, jobs, etc.), their military service (if applicable) and details of their immediate family. Images such as birth, marriage and death certificates, photographs and railway correspondence are also included.

So if you need assistance tracing someone who worked for the GNR or have any information that would help us compile a comprehensive and permanent record of the Company’s staff, do please contact us.

Keith Crouter:

David Ingleby: