100 Years Ago – The Doncaster Airshow of 1909

Monoplane at the Doncaster Airshow in 1909

Marion and I visited the Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington in September. While there we were reminded that the first air show in the UK was held at Doncaster Racecourse 100 years ago – from 15th to 23rd October 1909. This in turn reminded me that the air show featured in GNNs 117, 119 and … Read more

A 2000 Mystery

4-4-0 No. 62000

Yes, it may have been predictable, but nonetheless a most suitable illustration for the first issue in the last year of the century and millennium (oh yes it is!). LNER class D3 4-4-0 was formerly GNR class D2 No. 1075, Doncaster works number 727, built in June 1897, and rebuilt to class D3 in August … Read more

A Short History of Great Northern Railway Carriages

Kings Cross was the home of teak carriages for almost 100 years, first as the home of the Great Northern Railway, then the LNER and finally under British Rail. To most people that means Gresley Bogie carriages, however 120 or more years ago, it was short, 6 wheeled carriages designed by Francis Howlden. When the … Read more

Arksey and the Great Northern Railway

Arksey Station

It might surprise some people to learn that Arksey once had a railway station. The fact that it is now completely eradicated could account for this. What is not surprising to anyone who has to travel through the village regularly, is that Arksey is only accessible (directly from Bentley) by crossing the east coast railway … Read more

GNR N2 1744 Rebuild

As you know, GNR N2 1744 is currently being refurbished in Darlington. It’s a very worthwhile cause, so if you’d like to find out how they’re doing, or even better, help this project, please head over to The Gresley Society website to donate: https://www.gresley.org/n2-donations Video (C) Lee Andrew Davies 2020 www.preservedrailway.co.uk

In Connection with Ullswater

Originally printed in the Great Northern News No. 208 – July/August 2016 Allan Sibley As a change from our usual GNR holiday postcard for the July/August GNN cover I thought we should have another look at this poster which I first encountered on the wall of the office of the Ullswater Navigation & Transit Company at Glenridding … Read more

J13 on Youtube (1978)

J13 1247

The Picturedrome channel on Youtube has video of 1247, the GNR J13 in steam on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway in 1978. A number of us “younger” members won’t have seen this locomotive moving, so this is an interesting piece of film. The locomotive was built by Sharp Stewart & Co in Glasgow in May … Read more

London Road Low Level Regeneration

Restoration by:Family First Trust Projects Agency This is a historical document from the mid-1980s that was created by an organisation which provided temporary work for unemployed people at that time. We have added this page to the website (along with the original document) because of both its GNR interest and the social history at the … Read more

Painting Varnished Coaches part 2

In this second video, Mike shows how to create variations in colour using different shades to simulate the varied teak tones before creating the wood grain.

Painting Varnished Teak Coaches part 1

Mike Trice has had a series of videos on YouTube for a while covering how to simulate teak using acrylics paints on a Gresley coach. Its pretty quick to do, and produced a much better finish than simple washes. In this first video, Mike prepares the model and applies the paint layers


Peterborough Station

Apart from the odd chimney, pylon and part-demolished windmill, this panoramic view over Peterborough looks remarkably uncluttered compared with today’s skyline. 1A20 appears very smart in its unbroken blue and grey livery. The source of this early 1970s image is unmistakably a Kodachrome slide! [Tony Kirby] Peterborough (235.09) – David Ingleby Tony Kirby’s image of … Read more

Seasons Greetings, December 1903

This card has been in the Editorial “In” Box for several years but due to our publication schedule there is never the “right” time to use it. The end of October for the November/December issue still seems far to early to be wishing “Christmas Greetings”, while the week between Christmas and the New Year is … Read more

Sir Nigel Gresley The L.N.E.R.’s First C.M.E.

by Simon A.C. Martin £49.95+postage Simon A.C. Martin has written a new book to follow on from “Edward Thompson Wartime C.M.E.” published in 2021. At 460 pages, it’s quite the tome, and includes new information from primary sources that at times shows previously existing information in a new light. The books deal with Gresley’s early … Read more

Spilsby in 4mm scale

Spilsby model railway layout

The video shows Spilsby modelled during GNR days. Recently featured in the Society’s Great Northern News, this layout was built by the Sleaford Model Railway Club. The layout was filmed by SHGP media in 2023 at the Spalding Model Railway Exhibition.

The Stirling Single Steams Again

Rapido's Stirlng Single

A film by Nick Lera

As Rapido announces their project to recreate the Stirling Single as preserved with the smaller tender (as well as reissuing a small run with the larger tender via Locomotion), we have uncovered a video showing the visit of No.1 to the GCR preserved railway  in the 1980s.

(Locomotion hid their Stirling Single page pretty effectively!)

Photo of the Stirling Single model © Rapido

Travelling Gas Tanks

Diagram of a gas tank used to transport gas for coaches

With modern lighting systems in today’s coaching stock, I do not suppose that many people give any thought to how coaches were illuminated from the early days. This article outlines the development of gas lighting in coaching stock and the method of distributing the gas during the years of peak usage. For many years the … Read more