No. 836 - 130 years old,

and ready for a new life

Wouldn’t it be great to participate in history rather than just read about it?

Now, you have your chance!

After months of negotiations, I have what we believe to be the last complete 6 wheeled Howlden GNR 3rd class 5 compartment carriage in England that is capable of being restored.

At present at Tanfield, we are arranging for the coach to be transported down to Quainton Road for a complete restoration.

But we need your help. You have the chance to participate in this unique opportunity. The first step will be to help finance the transportation between sites.

Against all the odds, a GNR Teak has survived for 130 years, and it fits the bill

D245 5 Compartment 3rd No. 836

Diagram 245 consisted of the largest number of 6 wheel carriages on the GNR pre-1905.

When Gresley arrived, even though some of them were of different lengths, they were all assigned to this diagram. Later, some went to be part of the various articulated units that were constructed after their underframes were life expired.

Described by the Vintage Carriages Trust as “very important”, we believe that our carriage was built around 1891. Although we do not know much of its history, it appears to have been a camping carriage at some time before ending its career at NCB Consett, as a mess van.

The D245 has survived in as complete a form as we could hope for after 130 years, and it makes a great basis for a restoration.

A 4 Stage Project

Restoration Latest Updates

How You Can Help

We have set up a subscription service which will send the money directly to Quainton Road for use specifically for this restoration only. The initial target is £5,000, to cover the transport and initial strip down.

The easiest way to contribute would be through a bank transfer. The Buckingham Rail Centre details are below:

Quainton Railway Society Ltd
Bank: Barclays
Account No: 80744611
Sort code: 20-03-18

Please include D245 as a reference.

The Carriage will be owned and eventually operated by Quainton Road. Because they are a registered Charity, they can apply for “gift aid” on all suitable donations. This means that up to 20% is added back by the tax man for those who pay tax.

If you would rather send a cheque, or pay in a different way, contact me at, and I will work with you to make donating as easy as possible.

Benefits For You

We have negotiated real tangible benefits for members of the GNRS, to help us re-launch the Society to new potential members, whilst increasing our knowledge of the Carriage Building skills of the GNR.

The constitution of the Society prohibits using its funds to become involved in preservation projects, however that has not in the past stopped  members being involved as a group in certain projects that they may find interesting.

I have negotiated a number of bonuses that are specifically for Society Members who donate. Entry discounts and special access are only the first benefits.

We can do more once we get the carriage in situ at Quainton Road.

Paul Craig
February 2024

From The
Buckinghamshire Rail Centre

We already have a GNR 6 wheeled teak bodied brake third up and running and are currently half-way through the restoration of a GNR 6 wheeled teak bodied six compartment third.

We then wondered what other GNR teak stock was still in existence, so we contacted Paul Craig at the GNR Society, and he discovered there was one GN six wheeled five comp coach privately owned at Tanfield, which was available. We decided that this would be a good acquisition for us as it would give us a running rake of three six wheeled teak bodied vehicles.

Our thanks to Paul Craig and the Great Northern Society for their assistance in this project.

Stephen Green
CEO Buckinghamshire Rail Centre

D245  will be gifted to Quainton Road. To ensure that it is safe, they will protect the vehicle whilst it dries out, and will then restore it, offering free undercover storage and labour.

The heritage railway has a track record in high quality carriage restoration, having previously restored GNR Brake 3rd No. 1470 and MLSR 3rd No. 1076 to full working order.

Find out more!

If you would like to find out more about the project, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Also, don’t forget to check back to this page for project updates.