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Locomotive Engineer: Edward Bury

Portrait of Edward Bury

Born in Salford in 1794, Edward Bury was educated in Chester, and quickly found himself interested in machinery and construction. In 1823, he founded the engine manufacturer, Edward Bury and Co, and by 1830, he became a member of the Institute of Civil Engineers.

After a time as Locomotive Superintendent at the London and Birmingham Railway, and working on improving steamboat engines on the Rhone, Bury was looking for a new challenge. He became Locomotive Engineer on the new Great Northern Railway in February 1848 and created such a good impression that in June 1849 he was also appointed General Manager of the line. However, after a (possibly malicious) accusation that he had placed a small order for ironwork with a firm with which he was associated, he resigned from the G.N.R. in March 1850.

Bury resigned from the Institute of Civil Engineers on his retirement in 1857, and he died on 25th November 1858 in Scarborough.

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