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Coronavirus / COVID-19

Owing to the restrictions imposed by the UK Government on 23rd March 2020 and amended since, almost all the significant events due to take place over the next few months have been cancelled or postponed.  These include the exhibitions at Alexandra Palace (22/23 August),  Telford Gauge O Guild (29/30 August), Expo EM North and Scaleforum (September) and Royston [at Bassingbourn Village College] (21 November).  At today’s date Warners is still showing their Peterborough show in December as going ahead.  Until the situation becomes clearer as to the relaxation or end of restrictions is is not possible to predict firm dates for any model railway events, heritage line activities, museum openings and major exhibitions.  The GNR Society’s own meetings including the 2020 Annual General Meeting have been called off until further notice as a result of the restrictions and difficulties.

Allan Sibley, GNR Society Editor, 6th April 2020, updated 30th June 2020.