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Ref NoYear of the ActChapter NoDescriptionCompanyYearMonthDayNotes
1.0018&9V18Fossdyke Navigation Act, 1845Fossdyke184584
1.0029&10V88East Lincolnshire Railway Act, 1846GNR1846626
1.00310&11V148Great Northern Railway's Purchase Act, 1847GNR184779
1.00411&12V62East Lincolnshire Railway (Alteration of Great Grimsby Branch) Act, 1848GNR18487222 copies
1.00511&12V114Great Northern Railway Acts Amendment and Isle of Axholme Extension Act, 1848GNR1848814
1.00611&12V72Leeds Central Railway Station Act, 1848GNR1848722
1.00711&12V65SouthYorkshire, Doncaster, and Goole Railway Act, 1848GNR1848722
1.00813&14V36East and West India Docks and Birmingham Junction Railway Branches and Amendment Act, 1850NLR1850715
1.00913&14V61Great Northern Railway and East Lincolnshire Railway Acts Amendment Act, 1850GNR1850715
1.01013&14V57South Yorkshire Railway and River Dun Act, 1850GNR1850715
1.01115&16V118Leeds, Bradford, and Halifax Junction Railway Act, 1852GNR1852630
1.01215&16V160New River Company's Act, 1852New River1852630
1.01315&16V153South Yorkshire Railway and River Dun Company's Transfer Act, 1852GNR1852630
1.01416&17V223Boston, Sleaford, and Midland Counties Railway Act, 1853GNR18538202 copies
1.01516&17V60Great Northern Railway's Increase of Capital Act, 1853GNR1853628
1.01616&17V111Leeds, Bradford, and Halifax Junction Railway Act, 1853GNR1853842 copies
1.01716&17V97North London Railway Act, 1853NLR185378
1.01816&17V124Norwich and Spalding Railway Act, 1853M&GN185384
1.01917&18V124Bradford Waterworks Act, 1854Bradford185473
1.02017&18V160Bradford, Wakefield, and Leeds Railway Act 1854GNR1854710
1.02117&18V88Doncaster Cemetery Act, 1854Doncaster185473
1.02217V9Hatfield Chase Warping and Improvement Act, 1854Hatfield1854512
1.02317&18V143Horncastle Railway Act 1854GNR1854710
1.02417&18V162Leeds, Bradford, and Halifax Junction Railway Act, 1854GNR1854710
1.02517&18V80North London Railway (Cattle Market Station) Act, 1854NLR185473
1.02619V23Boston Gas Amendment Act, 1856Boston185665photocopy
1.02719&20V69Luton, Dunstable, and Welwyn Junction Railway Act, 1856GNR185677
1.02819&20V109Metropolitan Railway (Great Northern Branch and Amendment) Act, 1856Met1856721
1.02924&25V245Lynn and Sutton Bidge Railway Act, 1861M&GN186186
1.03025V1Great Northern Railway Amendment Act, 1862GNR1862411
1.03127&28V243Great Northern Railway (Doncaster to Gainsborough) Act, 1864GNR1864725
1.03227&28V143Halifax and Ovenden Junction Railway Act, 1864GNR1864630
1.03329&30VColney Hatch Gas Company's Act, 1866Southgate1866611R A copy
1.03434&35V149Bradford and Thornton Railways Act, 1871GNR18717242 copies
1.03534&35V162Great Northern Railway Act, 1871GNR18717242 copies
1.03635&36V139Great Northern Railway (Derbyshire and Staffordshire) Act, 1872GNR1872725
1.03735&36V167Great Northern Railway (Newark and Melton) Act, 1872GNR187286
1.03835&36V128Great Northern Railway (Various Powers) Act, 1872GNR1872718
1.03935&36V110Louth and East Coast Railway Act, 1872GNR1872718
1.04035&36V117Louth and Lincoln Railway Act, 1872GNR1872718
1.04136&37V90Great Northern Railway (Additional Powers) Act, 1873GNR187377
1.04237&38V79Alexandra Park Railway Abandonment Act, 1874Alex. Park1874630
1.04337&38V157Great Northern and LNWR Co.'s (Joint Powers and New Lines) Act, 1874GNR1874730
1.04437&38V95Great Northern Railway (Deviations) Act, 1874GNR1874716
1.04537&38V158Great Northern Railway (Further Powers) Act, 1874GNR1874730
1.04638&39V110Great Northern Railway Act, 1875GNR18756292 copies
1.04739&40V194Great Northern Railway Act, 1876GNR1876724
1.04839&40V82Great Yarmouth and Stalham (Light) Railway Act, 1876M&GN1876627
1.04939&40V146Lynn and Fakenham Railway Act, 1876M&GN1876713
1.05039&40V88Sutton Bridge Dock Act, 1876M&GN1876630
1.05140&41V156East London Railway Act, 1877ELR187782
1.05241V90Great Eastern Railway (Northern Extensions) Act, 1878GER18786172 copies
1.05340&41V80Great Northern Railway Act, 1877GNR18777122 copies
1.05440&41V91London and North-western Railway (Joint and Various Powers) Act, 1877GNR1877712
1.05540&41V89Midland and Eastern and Norwich and Spalding Railway Cos. Amal. Act, 1877M&GN1877712
1.05641V64Forth Bridge Railway Act, 1878GNR1878617
1.05741&42V151Great Northern Railway (Further Powers) Act, 1878GNR187874
1.05841V98Great Northern Railway (Spalding to Lincoln) Act, 1878GNR1878617
1.05941V40Yarmouth and North Norfolk (Light) Railway Act, 1878M&GN1878527
1.06042&43V110Great Northern and Great Eastern Railway Companies Act, 1879GNR1879732 copies
1.06142&43V129Great Northern Railway (Further Powers) Act, 1879GNR18797212 copies
1.06242&43V75Yarmouth and North Norfolk (Light) Railway Act, 1879M&GN187973
1.06343&44V160Great Northern Railway Act, 1880GNR1880862 copies
1.06443&44v165Lynn and Fakenham Railway (Extensions) Act, 1880M&GN1880812
1.06543&44V27Sutton Bridge Dock Act, 1880M&GN1880629
1.06644&45V131Cheshire Lines Act, 1881CLC1881718
1.06744&45V156Great Northern Railway Act, 1881GNR1881718
1.06844&45V210Rotherham and Bawtry Railway Act, 1881Rotherham18818222 copies
1.06945&46V252Bawtry and Trent Railway and Dock Act, 1882Bawtry1882818
1.07045&46V227Eastern and Midlands Railway (Amalgamation) Act, 1882M&GN1882818
1.07145&46V191Great Northern Railway Act, 1882GNR1882810
1.07245&46V179Lynn and Fakenham Railway Act, 1882M&GN1882810
1.07345&46V218Rotherham and Bawtry Railway Act, 1882Rotherham1882810
1.07446&47V117Billinghay and Metheringham Light Railway Act, 1883Billinghay1883716
1.07546&47V166East and West Yorkshire Union Railways Act, 1883GNR188382
1.07646&47V199Eastern and Midlands Railway Act, 1883M&GN1883820
1.07746&47V175Great Northern Railway Act, 1883GNR188382
1.07846&47V170Market Deeping Railway (Abandonment) Act, 1883Market D188382
1.07946&47V26Great Northern Railway Act, 1884GNR1884519
1.08047&48V242Halifax High Level and North and South Junction Railway Act, 1884GNR188487
1.08147&48V245Rotherham and Bawtry Railway Act, 1884Rotherham188487
1.08247&48V170Sutton and Willoughby Railway Act, 1884GNR1884728
1.08347&48V186Sutton Bridge Dock Act, 1884M&GN1884728
1.08447&48V153Bawtry and Trent Railway and Dock (Abandonment) Act, 1885Bawtry188586
1.08548V3Eastern and Midlands Railway Act, 1885M&GN1885428
1.08648&49V76Great Northern Railway (Various Powers) Act, 1885GNR1885716
1.08748&49V54Isle of Axholme Ralway Act, 1885Isle of Ax1885625
1.08849&50V81Est and West Yorkshire Union Railways Act, 1886GNR1886625
1.08950V44Halifax High Level and North and South Junction Railway Act, 1886GNR18869252 copies
1.09050V35Muswell Hill and Palace Railway Act, 1886GNR1886925
1.09149&50V94Nottingham Suburban Railway Act, 1886GNR1886625
1.09250V48Sutton and Willoughby Railway (Mablethorpe Extension) Act, 1886GNR1886925
1.09350&51V93Great Northern Railway Act, 1887GNR1887752 copies
1.09450&51V201Lincoln, Horncastle, Spilsby, and Skegness Railway Act, 1887Lincoln18879162 copies
1.09550&51V69Newark and Ollerton Railway Act, 1887Newark188775
1.09650V s23Skegness and Saint Leonard's Tramway (Abandonment) Act, 1887Skegness1887329
1.09751V4Billinghay and Metheringham (Light) Railway (Abandonment) Act, 1888Billinghay1888430
1.09852&53V94Great Northern Railway Act, 1889GNR1889726
1.09953&54V153Great Northern Railway (Capital) Act, 1890GNR189084
1.10053&54V104Great Northern Railway (Various Powers) Act, 1890GNR1890725
1.10153&54V213South Yorkshire Juncton Railway Act, 1890GNR1890814
1.10254V19Great Northern Railway Act, 1891GNR1891511old photocopy
1.10354&55V215Great Northern Railway Company (Rates and Charges) Order Conf. Act, 1891GNR189185
1.10454&55V189Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway Act, 1891*LD&ECR189185Bound vol
1.10554&55V174Lincoln, Horncastle, Spilsby, and Skegness Railway (Abandonment) Act 1891Lincoln1891728
1.10655&56V156Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway Act, 1892*LD&ECR1892627Bound vol
1.10756&57V98Great Northern Railway Act, 1893GNR1893629
1.10856&57V151Hunslet Railway Act, 1893GNR1893727
1.10956&57V163Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway Act, 1893LD&ECR1893727
1.11056&57V163Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway Act, 1893*LD&ECR1893727Bound vol
1.11156V57Midland and Great Northern Railway Companies (Eastern and Midlands) Act 1893M&GN189369
1.11257&58V196Canal Tolls and Charges No 1 (Canals of the GNR and other rly cos) O. Conf. Act 1894GNR1894817
1.11357&58V75Great Northern Railway Act, 1894GNR1894732 copies
1.11457&58V136Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway Act, 1894*LD&ECR1894731Bound vol
1.11558&59V112Great Northern and City Railway Act, 1895Tube189576
1.11658V36Great Northern Railway Act, 1895GNR1895530
1.11758&59V141Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway Act, 1895*LD&ECR189576Bound vol
1.11859&60V138Great Northern Railway Act, 1896GNR18967202 copies
1.11959&60V206Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway Act, 1896LD&ECR189687
1.12059&60V206Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway Act, 1896*LD&ECR189687Bound vol
1.12160&61V243Dearne Valley Railway Act, 1897Dearne189786
1.12260&61V193Great Northern and City Railway Act, 1897Tube189786
1.12360V40Great Northern Railway Act, 1897GNR189763
1.12460V56Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway Act, 1897*LD&ECR189763Bound vol
1.12560&61V234Lincoln and East Coast Railway and Dock Act, 1897Lincoln189786
1.12660&61V251Watford Edgware and London Railway Act, 1897Tube189786
1.12761&62V253Great Central Railway Act, 1898CLC1898812
1.12861&62V120Great Eastern Railway Company and Mid and GN Rlys Joint Cttee Act, 1898M&GN1898725
1.12961&62V165Great Northern Railway Act, 1898GNR1898725
1.13061&62V248Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway Act, 1898*LD&ECR1898812Bound vol
1.13161&62V249Lincoln and East Coast Railway and Dock Act, 1898Lincoln1898812
1.13262&63V203Great Northern and Strand Railway Act, 1899Tube189981
1.13362&63V202Great Northern Railway Act, 1899GNR189981
1.13462&63V176Lincoln and East Coast Railway and Dock Act, 1899Lincoln189981
1.13563&64V139Great Northern Railway Act, 1900GNR1900730
1.13663&64V142Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway Act, 1900*LD&ECR1900730Bound vol
1.1371 Edw. 723Great Northern Railway Act, 1901GNR190172
1.1382 Edw. 7222Great Northern and City Railway Act, 1902Tube190288
1.1392 Edw. 7235Great Northern and Strand Railway Act, 1902Tube190288
1.1402 Edw. 7126Great Northern Railway (No. 2) Act, 1902GNR1902722
1.1412 Edw. 7112Great Northern Railway Act, 1902GNR1902722
1.1422 Edw. 73Lincoln and East Coast Railway and Dock (Abandonment) Act, 1902Lincoln19024282 copies
1.1432 Edw. 7141Nottingham and Retford Railway Act, 1902Nottingham1902722
1.1443 Edw. 75Great Northern and City Railway Act, 1903Tube1903630
1.1453 Edw. 7125Great Northern Railway Act, 1903GNR1903721
1.1463 Edw. 7186Great Northern, Piccadilly, and Brompton Railway (Various Powers) Act, 1903Tube1903811
1.1473 Edw. 7253South Yorkshire Joint Railway Act, 1903GNR1903814
1.1483 Edw. 7189Watford and Edgware Railway Act, 1903Tube1903811
1.1494 Edw. 778Great Northern Railway Act, 1904GNR1904722
1.1505 Edw. 734Great Eastern Railway Act, 1905GNR1905630
1.1515 Edw. 7163Great Northern Piccadilly and Brompton Railway (Various Powers) Act 1905Tube190584
1.1525 Edw. 790Great Northern Railway Act, 1905GNR1905711
1.1536 Edw. 7144Great Northern Railway Act, 1906GNR190684
1.1548 Edw. 751Louth and East Coast (Transfer) Act, 1908GNR190881
1.15510 Edw.732London Electric Railway Amalgamation Act, 1910Tube1910726