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Ref NoDescriptionDateDesignerBuilt byPrint QualityPrint SizeCodeRef NoComments
20.001M & GNR Bearing Spring for Carriage Truck1917GA4C1
20.002Grantham Loco Yard & Machine Shop1946M1TP2
20.003Stamford Line Accomodation Siding1946GA4TP3
20.004GNR Loco 0-6-0DubbsPA1L4
20.005GNR Loco 0-6-0 1031 seriesDoncVPA1L5
20.006Deed between GNR & Jeffery Blackstone of Stamford, Works Siding details.GA4D6
20.007GNR Loco 0-6-0GA4L75" Scale Drawing
20.008GNR Loco 0-6-0GA4L85" Scale Drawing
20.009GNR Loco 0-6-0GA4L95" Scale Drawing
20.010GNR Loco 0-6-0STPA1-10
20.011GNR Loco 0-6-0ST1891NeilsonMA1L11
20.012GNR Loco 0-6-0STNeilsonMA1L12
20.013GNR Loco 0-6-01896DubbsMA1L13
20.014GNR Loco 0-6-0DubbsPA1L14
20.015GNR Loco 0-6-0DubbsPA1L15
20.016GNR 2800 gallon TenderVPA1L16
20.017GNR 2-4-0 LocoVPA1L17
20.018GNR TenderVPA1L18
20.019M&GNR Axleguard No1/1019 Wagon1936VGA4W19
20.020M&GNR Saloon Heater and Stand1907VGA2C20
20.021M&GNR Carriage Heat Regulator1913VGA4C21
20.022M&GNR Coupling for Steam Heat Apparatus1925VGA4C22
20.023M&GNR Carriage Glass Lamp Cover1902VGA4C23
20.024M&GNR Carriage Warming Valve Handle1912VGA4C24
20.025M&GNR Luggage Barrow Basket1913GA4SE25
20.026M&GNR Wagon Buffing Spring1928GA4W26
20.027M&GNR Steam Heater Cock & Stand1908GA4C27
20.028M&GNR Steam Heater Cock & Stand1907GA4C28
20.029M&GNR Carriage Hose Coupling Bend with Bench Valve1913GA4C29
20.030M&GNR Carriage Swing Ring for Glass Globe1910GA4C30
20.031M&GNR Timber Truck Draw Gear Spring1913GA4W31
20.032M&GNR Carriage Hose Coupling Bend1913GA4C32
20.033GNR Standard Axle Guard 6 Wheel Centre for Carriages1919GA4C33
20.034GNR Axle Guard for 6 Wheel Luggage Van1919GA4V34
20.035M&GNR Axle Guard for 15T Goods Brake1922GA4V35
20.036M&GNR Axle Guard for 6 Wheel Carriages & Luggage Vans for Guard End1919GA4C36
20.037GNR Carriage Roof Lamp Top Cap for Gas1924GA4C37
20.038M&GNR Carriage Underframe Knees1919GA4C38
20.039M&GNR Waggon Axle Stand1924GA4W39
20.040M&GNR Buffer Rod1922GA4W & C40
20.041M&GNR Waggon Draw Hook. No 2/9041931GA4W41
20.042M&GNR Waggon Draw Hook. No 2/3391926GA4W42
20.043GNR Hornsey Engine Shed & Hampden Road Bridge.1906GA4TP43
20.044GNR Hornsey Stable Site Plan with Station1902GA4BP TP44
20.045GNR Carriage Washers Hut Plan at Finsbury Park.GA4BP TP45
20.046GNR Ticket Collectors Room at Hornsey Stn1879GA4BP46
20.047GNR Welwyn Loading Dock Plan1899MA4TP47
20.048Memorandum to Inspector Carrell48
20.04949Not located
20.05050Not located
20.05151Not located
20.05252Not located
20.053Alterations to the Book keepers Office Kings Cross1905MA4TP53
20.054Plan to record 49190554
20.055GNR Hornsey Station Plan See Record No 441902GA4TP55
20.056GNR Track Plan Finsbury Park Station1892GATP56
20.057Hornsey Plan for Horse Stable190657
20.058Finsbury Park Proposed Paving of Station Road with Letter.1913GA4BP58
20.059Part of Record 58.1913GA4BP59
20.060Plan & Drawings of Kings Cross, Entrance to General OfficeMA1BP60
20.061GNR Hornsey Yard, Site of new latrines1900GA3TP61
20.062GNR Hornsey Coal-Sand-Ashes Site Plan1901GA2TP62
20.063GNR Hornsey Site Plan of Hydrants for Goods Shed1901GA4TP63
20.064Letter for Record 6364
20.065GNR Holloway-Finsbury Park Shunters Huts Plan & Track1900GA4TP65
20.066GNR Kings Cross Plan for proposed alterations to WC's1904GA2BP66
20.067GNR Kings Cross alterations to cellars1906GA2BP67
20.068GNR Map showing St Albans branch Hatfield Road1911MA2TP68
20.069GNR Plan of Engineers Office at Kings Cross1900MA2BP69
20.070GNR Kings Cross Plan of station front roadway1902GA4BP70
20.071GNR Harringay Up goods signal box1893MA2S71
20.072GNR Track Plan Ferme Park1892GA1TP72
20.073GNR Ferme Park down sidings proposed alterations72b
20.074GNR Track Plan Potters BarPA1TP73
20.075GNR Track Plan Grantham Station1907PA1TP74
20.076GNR Grantham Loco Yard & Machine Shop1946MA1TP75
20.077BR Grantham MPD proposed extension. Site Plan1954MA1BP76
20.078BR Hornsey MPD Site developments1954GA1TP77
20.079GNR Hitchin Engineers Yard & StationMA1TP78a
20.080Hitchin Engineers Yard Site Plan78b
20.081Track Replacement Diagram Kings Cross- DoncasterPA1TP79a
20.082Track Replacement Diagram Kings Cross- DoncasterPA1TP79b
20.083Holloway Stationery Stores & Track PlanPA3TP80
20.084GNR Holloway Electricity Works Siding and Track Plan1911GA1TP81
20.085GNR Sleaford Station & Yard Track Plan1915GA1TP82a
20.086GNR Sleaford Station & Yard Track Plan1915GA1TP82b
20.087BR Grantham Station improvement building1950GA2BP83
20.088BR Grantham Station improvements1954MA2BP84
20.089GNR 2,000 gallon tenderNeilsonMA1L85
20.090GNR 0-4-2 Class:Sharp StewartMA1L86
20.091GNR 2-8-0 Coal EnginePA1L87
20.092LNER 2-8-0 Coal EngineVPA1L88
20.093GNR Stamford proposed Iron Girder Bridge1879GA2LS89
20.094GNR Essendine proposed Bridge over River GlenGA2LS90
20.095Details of Bridge No. 226 at CorbyPA2LS91
20.096GNR 8ft Single Locomotive Drg No. 470MA1L92
20.097GNR 8ft Single Engine No. 11870MA1L93
20.098GNR 2,700 gallon wooden frame tenderPA1L94
20.099As record No. 96 better drawingGA1L95
20.100GNR 4-4-2 Bogie Express LocoPA1L96
20.101GNR 2-2-2 LocoVP-L97
20.102GNR 2-2-2 Loco 7'7 1/2" Passenger EnginePA1L98
20.103GNR 2-2-2 Loco 7' Passenger EngineMA1L