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Archive Ref NoDateDescriptionContentsFormatPages
4A 0011855/04Rules and Regulations for Engine & Fireman +Gradient MapsConditions of service ,signals,accidents,fog,pilots etcHardback65
4A 0021905/04Indenture of rules &regulations of the Superannuation FundMembership certificate for Charles Lammiman (platelayer)Softback26
4A 0031911/04General Rugulations for working Absolute Block TelegraphDetailed regulations for working on double linesClothbound91
4A 0041912/01Identity Certificate for Commercial Travellers-FA dayWeekend ticket arrangementsHardback2
4A 0051919/03Guide to Management of Stations re Merchandisee TrafficDirections in conducctiong Merchanise TrafficHardback83
4A 0061952/09Notice of Royal Train Ballater to Bawtry & returnDetails of timings and workingPaper3
4A 0071919/11Special Working RegulationsRegulations of various typs of" wrong" workingsClothbound37
4A 0081896/01Engine BookAudit of all engines including major overhauls /manufacturesHardback81+ supp
4A 0091919/11Railway Notes magazineArticle on the Atlantic type of loco includes section on GNRPaper14
4A 0101917/07Summertime act 1917Details of amendments in working due to introduction of BSTPaper1
4A 0111955/06Freight Engine & Trainmen`s working New England DepotDetailed description of workingsPaper23
4A 0121963/05Freight Engine & Trainmen`s working Grantham DepotDetailed description of workingsPaper22
4A 0131906Wagon Stock (large size)Photographsand description of many different wagon typesHardback31
4A 014VariousRing Binder ( See Separate listing)Copy circularsPaper
4A 0151905/03Railway Servants Univeral Interchangs Privilaege Ticket MovementList of stations and Interchange Privilege ticket feesHardback176
4A 0161968/10BR (ER) Route BookKing`s Cross to HitchinPaper86
4A 0171968/11BR (ER) Route BookKing`s Cross-Moorgate ,Finsbury Pk -Broad ST, Wood Green -LangleyPaper88
4A 0181979/07BR (ER) Guide to Road Learning Doncaster-Re SignallingRossington & Bessacar Jct - Shaftholme Jct & St James-HexthorpePaper101
4A 0191902/07Instructions to Staff on Re- Organisation (Photo Copy)Re-Organising of Traffic Dept ., Instructions to Office /StaffPaper17
4A 0201980`sArticle from Locomotives InternationalYankee Moguls in England ( inc GNR)Paper6
4A 021UndatedCopy details of Mogul TypeBaldwin Locomotive Works Specification & PlanPaper5
4A 0221900/05Copy article from Railway GazetteMogul Locomotives for the GNRPaper3
4A 0231914/07Important Notice Circular 29,00Classification ,Loads & Speeds of various traffic types Paper36
4A 0241944/01L N E R Circular RR 410Arrangements for Signalling in Fog/Falling SnowPaper6
4A 0251922/04GNR Circular 33931aParcels Traffic for London & Suburbs+ mapPaper8