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Ref No:OriginScaleCountyEditionSheetArea CoveredSheet SizeConditionYear
5.001County Series25 in.Cambs2nd 1903XLVIII.6Cambridge Station40" x 28"Good1903
5.002County Series25 in.Cambs2nd 1903XLVII.14Shepreth Junction40" x 28"Good1903
5.003County Series25 in.Cambs2nd 1903LIV.2Shelford Junction40" x 28"Good1903
5.004County Series25 in.Cambs2nd 1903LIV 1.1Near Hauxton40" x 28"Good1903
5.005County Series25 in.Cambs2nd 1903LIV.5Harston Station40" x 28"Good1903
5.006County Series25 in.Cambs2nd 1903LIII.12Foxton Station40" x 28"Good1903
5.007County Series25 in.Cambs2nd 1903LIII.11Shepreth Station40" x 28"Good1903
5.008County Series25 in.Cambs2nd 1903LIII.15Meldreth Cement Works40" x 28"Good1903
5.009County Series25 in.Cambs2nd 1903LVIII.3Meldreth & Melbourne Station40" x 28"Good1903
5.010County Series25 in.Cambs2nd 1903LVIII.6Line to Meldreth40" x 28"Good1903
5.011County Series25 in.Cambs2nd 1903LVIII.10Royston Station40" x 28"Good1903
5.012County Series25 in.Herts2nd 1898IV.8Royston Station40" x 28"Good1898
5.013County Series25 in.Herts2nd 1898IV.7Litlington Crossing40" x 28"Good1898
5.014County Series25 in.Herts2nd 1898IV.11Horse & Groom40" x 28"Good1898
5.015County Series25 in.Herts2nd 1898IV.10Ashwell Station40" x 28"Good1898
5.016County Series25 in.Herts2nd 1898IV.14Odsey40" x 28"Good1898
5.017County Series25 in.Herts2nd 1898IV.13Slip End40" x 28"Good1898
5.018County Series25 in.Herts2nd 1898VIII.1South of Ashwell40" x 28"Good1898
5.019County Series25 in.Herts2nd 1898VIII.8Baldock Station40" x 28"Good1898
5.020County Series25 in.Herts2nd 1898VII.7Near Norton40" x 28"Good1898
5.021County Series25 in.Herts2nd 1898VII.11Site of Letchworth Station40" x 28"Good1898
5.022County Series25 in.Herts2nd 1898VII.10North of Hitchin40" x 28"Good1898
5.023County Series25 in.Herts2nd 1898VII.14North Hitchin to Bridge 2.40" x 28"Good1898
5.024County Series25 in.Herts2nd 1898VII.13Main Line to Midland Branch40" x 28"Good1898
5.025County Series25 in.Herts2nd 1898XII.2Hitchin Station40" x 28"Good1898
5.026County Series25 in.Yorks2nd 1903CCLXXXV.1Doncaster Station & Carr40" x 28"Good1903
5.027County Series25 in.Yorks2nd 1906CCLXXVII.13North end Doncaster Station & Marshgate Junc.40" x 28"Good1906
5.028County Series25 in.Yorks2nd 1903CCLXXXV.5Carr Wagon Works40" x 28"Good1903
5.029County Series25 in.Yorks2nd 1903CCLXXXV.1Doncaster Station to Carr40" x 28"Good1903
5.030County Series25 in.Yorks2nd 1906CCLXV.13Shaftholme Jynction40" x 28"Good1906
5.031County Series25 in.Yorks2nd 1906CCLXXVII.1Shaftholme.40" x 28"Good1906
5.032County Series25 in.Yorks2nd 1906CCLXXII.5Arksey.40" x 28"Good1906
5.033County Series25 in.Yorks2nd 1906CCLXXVII>9Bentley40" x 28"Good1906
5.034County Series25 in.Yorks2nd 1906CCLXXVII.13North Doncaster Station to Marshgate Junct.40" x 28"Good1906
5.035County Series25 in.Yorks2nd 1906CCLLXXV.5Carr Wagon Works40" x 28"Good1906
5.036County Series25 in.Yorks2nd 1903CCLXXXV.6Black Carr Junction.40" x 28"Good1903
5.037County Series25 in.Yorks2nd 1902CCLXXV.10North of Rossington.40" x 28"Good1902
5.038County Series25 in.Yorks2nd 1902CCLXXXV.11North of Rossington.40" x 28"Good1902
5.039County Series25 in.Yorks2nd 1902CCLXXXV.15Rossington Station.40" x 28"Good1902
5.040County Series25 in.Yorks2nd 1902CCXCI.3South of Rossington40" x 28"Good1902
5.041County Series25 in.Yorks2nd 1902CCXCI.4South of Rossington40" x 28"Good1902
5.042County Series25 in.Yorks2nd 1902CCXCI.8Bawtry Station.40" x 28"Good1902
5.043County Series25 in.Yorks2nd 1902CCXCI.12Bawtry Village.40" x 28"Good1902
5.044County Series25 in.Yorks2nd 1903CCLXXXIV.4Plant & Hexthorpe.40" x 28"Good1903