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Ref NoOriginSessionSheet NumberScaleTypeArea CoveredSubjectSheet SizeConditionComment
6.001GNR1911140ftCenter Line & SectionKnebworthWidening22" x 30"Good
6.002GNR1911240ftTrack PlanKnebworthJoining of Hertford Loop22" x 30"Good
6.003GNR1911340ftSectionsKnebworthJoining of Hertford Loop22" x 30"Good
6.004GNR1911440ftCenter Line & SectionHarworthNew Line to Harworth22" x 30"Good
6.005GNR1911540ftCenter Line & SectionHarworthNew Line to Harworth22" x 30"Good
6.006GNR1911640ftCenter Line & SectionHarworthNew Line to Harworth22" x 30"Good
6.007GNR1911740ftTrack PlanHarworthJunction of Harworth Line22" x 30"Good
6.008GNR1911840ftTrack Plan & SectionShaftholmeJunction with H&BR22" x 30"Good
6.009GNR1911940ftTrack Plan & SectionFinsbury ParkWidening22" x 30"Good
6.010GNR19111040ftTrack Plan & SectionFletton - PeterboroughWidening22" x 30"Good
6.011GNR19111140ftTrack Plan & SectionPeterborough - WestwoodWidening22" x 30"Good
6.012GNR19111240ftPlan & SectionCrescent Bridge, Road AlterationsNew Bridge22" x 30"Good
6.013GNR19111340ftTrack PlanSaxondale Junc - BinghamWidening22" x 30"Good
6.014GNR19111440ftCenter Line & SectionSaxondale Junc - BinghamWidening22" x 30"Good
6.015GNR19111540ftTrack PlanDoncaster - Shaftholme JuncWidening, Donc Station22" x 30"Good
6.016GNR19111640ftTrack PlanDoncaster - Shaftholme JuncWidening, Arksey22" x 30"Good
6.017GNR19111740ftSectionsDoncaster - Shaftholme JuncWidening22" x 30"Good
6.018GNR19111840ftSectionsDoncaster - Shaftholme JuncWidening22" x 30"Good
6.019GNR19111940ftTrack Plan & SectionsHackney Wick Coal YardNew Footpath22" x 30"Good
6.020GNR19112040ftTrack Plan & SectionsNear Mill HillBunns Lane Diversion22" x 30"Good
6.021GNR19112140ftTrack Plan & SectionWood Green, Bridge & footpathBridge Widening22" x 30"Good
6.022GNR19112240ftTrack PlanGrange Park, Lands & footpathAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.023GNR19112340ftTrack PlanRendelsham Viaduct,EnfieldNew Footpath22" x 30"Good
6.024GNR19112440ftTrack Plan & SectionLutonWidening Bridge22" x 30"Good
6.025GNR19112540ftTrack PlanStafford Common StationRemove Level Crossing22" x 30"Good
6.026GNR19112640ftTrack PlanKings Cross (Gasworks)Additional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.027GNR19112740ftTrack PlanStroud Green & FinchleyAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.028GNR19112840ftTrack PlanWood Green & New BarnetAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.029GNR19112940ftTrack PlansEnfield & Near Cuffley, Bowes Park, Gordon HillAdditional Lands22" x 30"GoodOne Sheet
6.030.GNR19113040ftTrack PlansHadley & HatfieldAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.031.GNR19113140ftTrack PlansNast Hyde & FleetvilleAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.032.GNR19113240ftTrack PlansAttimore Hall & HarpendenAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.033.GNR19113340ftTrack PlansLangley SidingHertford Loop22" x 30"Good
6.034.GNR19113440ftTrack PlansLetchworth StationAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.035.GNR19113540ftTrack PlansBigglewade & PeterboroughCrescent Bridge Widening22" x 30"Good
6.036.GNR19113640ftTrack PlansNew England & Little Bytham StnAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.037GNR19113740ftTrack PlansDeeping & Sleaford StationAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.038.GNR19113840ftTrack PlansKirton & MablethorpeAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.039.GNR19113940ftTrack PlansColwick & Ilkeston West Box part StnAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.040.GNR19114040ftTrack PlansBalderton & MuskhamAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.041.GNR19114140ftTrack PlansBawtryAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.042.GNR19114240ftTrack PlansBlack Carr Junct - Childers DrainAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.043.GNR19114340ftTrack PlansDrighlington part Stn & HarrogateAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.044.WR&GR19114440ftTrack PlansFrenchgate to Ardwick JuncWidening22" x 30"Good
6.045.WR&GR19114540ftTrack PlansCarcroft StationWidening22" x 30"Good
6.046.WR&GR19114640ftTrack PlansHampole StationWidening22" x 30"Good
6.047.WR&GR19114740ftTrack PlansSouth Elmsall Station.Widening22" x 30"Good
6.048WR&GR19114840ftTrack PlansHemsworth StationWidening22" x 30"Good
6.049WR&GR19114940ftTrack Plan & SectionsNostell StationWidening22" x 30"Good
6.050.WR&GR19115040ftSectionsDoncaster - Ardwick LuncWidening22" x 30"Good
6.051.WR&GR19115140ftSectionsArdwick - Hemsworth SouthWidening22" x 30"Good
6.052.WR&GR19115240ftSectionsArdwick - Hemsworth SouthWidening22" x 30"Good
6.053.WR&GR19115340ftSectionsHemsworth - NostellWidening22" x 30"Good
6.054.WR&GR19115440ftSectionsHemsworth S Junct - Nostell S JunctWidening22" x 30"Good
6.055.WR&GR19115540ftSectionsHemsworth S Junct - Nostell S JunctWidening22" x 30"Good
6.056.WR&GR19115640ftTrack Plan & SectionCarcroft & Ardwick StationNew Footpath22" x 30"Good
6.057.WR&GR19115740ftTrack PlanNear WakefieldAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.058.GN & GE19115840ftTrack PlanBlack Carr JuncAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.059.GNR1922140ftTrack PlanBoston I Sl;eaford Line JunctAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.060.GNR1922240ftTrack PlanRetfordFootpaths Stopping up.22" x 30"Good
6.061.GNR1922340ftTrack PlanDoncaster CarrAdditional Lands22" x 51"GoodNOT YET COPIED - WITH TWH
6.062.GNR1922440ftTrack PlanDoncaster Station Part Only.Additional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.063.GNR1922540ftTrack PlansWelwyn Garden City, Early StationAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.064.GNR1922640ftTrack PlansWelwyn Garden City - DigswellAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.065.GNR1922740ftTrack PlanWelwyn - North TunnelAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.066.GNR1922840ftTrack PlanSt James Deeping StationAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.067.GRN1922940ftTrack PlanSleaford Junc with GN-GE JntAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.068GNR19221040ftTrack PlanBawtry StationAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.069GNR19221140ftRoad PlanLofthouse StationAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.070.GNR19221240ftRoad PlanLeeds Central & GNR HotelAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.071.GNR19221340ftTrack PlanGrindley StationAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.072GNR19221440ftTrack PlanKings Cross SuburbanLands at KX Station22" x 30"Good
6.073.GN & GC19221540ftTrack PlanNocton & Dunston StationAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.074.M & GNR19221640ftTrack PlanTydd StationAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.075.M & GNR19221740ftTrack PlanCaister next YarmouthAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.076.GNR1906140ftTrack Plan & SectionsLincoln West of StationAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.077.GNR1906240ftTrack Plan & SectionsLuton Part of Stn & MRAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.078.GNR1906340ftTrack Plan & SectionsLangford Goods StationAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.079.GNR1906440ftTrack PlanKings Cross York Road StationAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.080.GNR1906540ftTrack PlansFinchleyAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.081.GNR1906640ftTrack PlanEnfield. Stopping up footpathAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.082.GNR1906740ftTrack PlanHawkshead SidingAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.083.GNR1906840ftTrack PlanKnebworth Station, part.Additional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.084.GNR1906940ftTrack PlanStevenage not Station ?Additional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.085.GNR19061040ftTrack PlanLetchworth Station not seen.Additional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.086.GNR19061140ftTrack PlanLolham Near MP 84.Additional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.087.GNR19061240ftTrack PlanWryhall & Belmsthorpe StationAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.088.GNR19061340ftTrack PlanMillthorpe SidingAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.089.GNR19061440ftTrack PlanGedling StationAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.090.GNR19061540ftTrack PlanDerby - Duke Street GoodsAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.091.GNR19061640ftTrack PlanLincoln (GNR Hotel)Additional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.092.GNR19061740ftTrack PlanSutton on Sea StationAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.093.GNR19061840ftTrack PlanClaypole part StationAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.094.GNR19061940ftTrack PlanArksey, Bently Colliery JunctAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.095.WR & GR19062040ftTrack Plans & SectionsHampole Part Moorhouse StationAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.096.WR & GR19062140ftTrack PlanSandal Station part.Additional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.097.CLC19062240ftTrack PlanTrafford Park along side Ship canalAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.098.SYJR19062340ftCentre Line & SectionsMaltby Colliery BranchAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.099.SYJR19062440ftCentre Line & SectionsMaltby New RoadsAdditional Lands22" x 30"Good
6.101GNRNo Date196-1Ground Floor PlanKX Station GNP&BR StationGNP&BR Building22" x 27"Good
6.102GNRNo Date296-1First Floor PlanKX Station GNP&BR StationGNP&BR Building22" x 27"GoodLinen
6.103GNRNo Date396-1Roof PlanKX Station GNP&BR StationGNP&BR Building22" x 27"GoodLinen
6.104GNRNo Date496-1Elevations above groundKX Station GNP&BR StationGNP&BR Building22" x 27"GoodLinen
6.105GNRNo Date196-1Basement PlanCaledonian Road GNP&BR StationGNP&BR Building22" x 27"GoodLinen
6.106GNRNo Date296-1Grond Floor PlanCaledonian Road GNP&BR StationGNP&BR Building22" x 27"GoodLinen
6.107GNRNo Date396-1First Floor PlanCaledonian Road GNP&BR StationGNP&BR Building22" x 27"GoodLinen
6.108GNRNo Date496-1Roof Plan & ElevationCaledonian Road GNP&BR StationGNP&BR Building22" x 27"GoodLinen
6.109GNRNo Date596-1ElevationsCaledonian Road GNP&BR StationGNP&BR Building22" x 27"GoodLinen
6.110GNRNo Date196-1Ground Floor PlanHolloway Road GNP&BR StationGNP&BR Building22" x 27"GoodLinen
6.111GNRNo Date1A96-1First Floor PlanHolloway Road GNP&BR StationGNP&BR Building22" x 27"GoodLinen
6.112GNRNo Date296-1Roof Plan & ElevationHolloway Road GNP&BR StationGNP&BR Building22" x 27"GoodLinen
6.113GNRNo Date396-1Sections, sub station.Holloway Road GNP&BR StationGNP&BR Building22" x 27"GoodLinen
6.114GNRNo Date496-1SectionsHolloway Road GNP&BR StationGNP&BR Building22" x 27"GoodLinen
6.115GNRNo Date1Ground &1st Floor PlanGillespie Road GNP&BR StationGNP&BR Building22" x 27"GoodLinen
6.116GNRNo Date2Sections & ElevationsGillespie Road GNP&BR StationGNP&BR Building22" x 27"GoodLinen
6.117GNRNo Date350ftTrack DiagramGillespie Road GNP&BR StationGNP&BR Track Diagram22" x 27"GoodLinen
6.118GNRNo Date-50ftTrack DiagramFinsbury Park GNP&BR StationGNP&BR Track Diagram22" x 27"GoodLinen
6.119GNR18991Track Diagram GNRHarringay-Finsbury ParkPosition of Tube.GN&SR22" x 30"GoodLinen
6.120GNR18992Track Diagram GNRFinsbury Park (Part) GNRPosition of Tube.GN&SR22" x 30"GoodLinen
6.121GNR18993Track Diagram GNRHolloway Station (Part) GNRPosition of Tube.GN&SR22" x 30"GoodLinen
6.122GNR18994Track Diagram GNRKings Cross between tunnelsPosition of Tube.GN&SR22" x 30"GoodLinen
6.123GNR18995Track Diagram GNRKings Cross Station GNR (Part)Position of Tube.GN&SR22" x 30"GoodLinen
6.124GNR18996Plan & ElevationKings Cross Station GN&SR StationStation Building22" x 33"GoodLinen
6.125GNR18997Plan & ElevationHolloway Station GN&SRStation Building22" x 33"Good
6.126GNR1899850 ftTrack DiagramsFinsbury Park Stns Tube & Main Line.Position of GN&SR-GNR22" x 54"GoodLinen
6.127GNR18999SectionsHarringay ( GNR)Inclination of Tubes22" x 30"GoodLinen
6.128GNR189910SectionsFinsbury Park (GNR)Inclination of Tubes22" x 30"GoodLinen
6.129GNR189911SectionsHolloway Road (GNR)Inclination of Tubes22" x 30"GoodMAP INCORRECTLY MARKED 6.029 - Linen
6.130GNR189912SectionsYork Road - Kings Cross (GNR)Inclination of Tubes22" x 30"GoodLinen
6.131GNR189913SectionsKings Cross (GNR)Inclination of Tubes22" x 30"GoodLinen
6.132GNR1902256Ordanance SurveyNorth LondonPosition of GN&SR Extn18" x 24"MISSING - SEE BG CLOXTON - Linen
6.133GNR1902239OSNorth LondonGN&SR18"x24"
6.134GNR19021Track PlanFinsbury Park StationGN&SR23" x 53"Paper
6.135GNR19022SectionsFinsbury Park StationGN&SR22" x 30"
6.136GNR19023Plan & SectionStrandGN&SR22" x 30"
6.137GNR19024PlanHolloway Station Part.GN&SR22"x 30"
6.138GNR19202Centre LineWaltham to ColsterworthGNR Waltham Branch23" x 30"
6.139GNR19202Centre LineWaltham to ColsterworthGNR Waltham Branch23" x 30"
6.140GNR19203Centre LineWaltham to ColsterworthGNR Waltham Branch23" x 30"
6.141GNR19204Centre LineWaltham to ColsterworthGNR Waltham Branch23" x 30"
6.142GNR19205SectionsWaltham to ColsterworthGNR Waltham Branch23" x 30"Torn
6.143GNR19206SectionsWaltham to ColsterworthGNR Waltham Branch23" x 30"Torn
6.144GNR19207SectionsWaltham to ColsterworthGNR Waltham Branch23" x 30"Torn
6.145GNR19208SectionsWaltham to ColsterworthGNR Waltham Branch23" x 30"
6.146GNR19209Track PlanBarrowby to PeascliffeGNR Widening23" x 30"
6.147GNR192010SectionsBarrowby to PeascliffeGNR Widening23" x 30"
6.148GNR192011Track PlanBalderton to ClaypoleGNR Widening23" x 30"
6.149GNR192012SectionsBalderton to ClaypoleGNR Widening23" x 30"
6.150GNR192013Track Plan & SectionsNewarkGNR Widening23" x 30"
6.151GNR192014Track PlansCromwell to Crow ParkGNR Widening23" x 30"
6.152GNR192015SectionsCromwell to Crow ParkGNR Widening23" x 30"
6.153GNR192016Track PlansRanskill Station to SuttonGNR Widening23" x 30"
6.154GNR192017SectionsRanskill to SuttonGNR Widening23" x 30"
6.155GNR192018Track Plan & SectionsGonerby to Barrowby RoadGNR Widening23" x 30"
6.156GNR192019Track PlansBottesford Stn to Belvoir JunctionGNR Widening23" x 30"
6.157GNR192020SectionsBottesford to Belvoir JunctionGNR Widening23" x 30"
6.158GNR192022Track Plan & SectionsEssendine N end of StnGNR additional lands23" x 30"
6.159GNR192023Track PlansSpalding, M&GNR Junc, Bourne LineGNR additional lands23" x 30"
6.160GNR192024Track PlansGreat Ponton Stn & Sleaford part.GNR footpaths & LC23" x 30"
6.161GNR192025Track PlansColwick Yards,GNR & LNWR DepotGNR additional lands23" x 30"
6.162GNR192026Track Plans & SectionBingham & Newark M & GNR JunctGNR footpaths & LC's23" x 30"
6.163GNR192027Plan & Track PlanBradford Adolphus Street Goods ShedGNR additional lands23" x 30"
6.164GNR192028Plan & Track PlanWood Green & Loop FlyoverGNR additional lands23" x 30"
6.165GNR192029Track PlanNew Barnet - Hadley WoodGNR additional lands23" x 30"
6.166GNR192031Track PlansAncaster & WilsfordGNR additional lands23" x 30"
6.167.GNR192032Track PlansLincoln Bracebridge & W HolmesGNR additional lands23" x 30"
6.168.GNR192033Track PlanWithcall StnGNR additional lands23" x 30"
6.169.GNR192034Track PlansLouth Stn & GrimsbyGNR additional lands23" x 30"
6.170.GNR192036Track PlansBeeston & Arksey StnGNR additional lands23" x 30"
6.171.GN & GE192037Track Plan & SectionsBlankney & Metheringham StnWidening23" x 30"
6.172.M & GNR1920?Track PlansHemsby, Potter Heigham Stn & CromerAdditional lands23" x 30"
6.173.GNR1913?Track PlanLincolnSale of Land23" x 30"
6.174.GNR190242PlanLeedsAdditional Lands23" x 30"
6.175.GNR190243Track PlanBradford City Road BranchAdditional Lands23" x 30"torn
6.176.GNR190244Track PlansAdwick Junct & Hemsworth StnAdditional Lands23" x 30"torn
6.177.GNR190245Track PlanFinsbury Park StnRevival of Powers23" x 40"torn
6.178.GNR190246SectionsFinsbury ParkRevival of Powers23" x 40"torn
6.179.GNR19062Track Plan & SectionsLuton StationsAdditional lands23" x 30"
6.180.GNR19063Track Plan & SectionsLangford Goods ShedAdditional lands23" x 30"
6.181.GNR19066Track PlanEnfieldAdditional lands23" x 30"fragile
6.182.GNR19066Track PlanEnfield, copy of 06.181Additional lands23" x 30"fragile
6.183.GNR19114Centre Line & SectionHarworth BranchRailway to Harworth23" x 30"
6.184.GNR19115Centre Line & SectionHarworth BranchRailway to Harworth23" x 30"
6.185.GNR19116Track Plan Centre LineHarworth - Main Line JunctRailway to Harworth23" x 30"
6.186.GNR19117Track Plan & SectionHarworth - Main Line JunctRailway to Harworth23" x 30"
6.187.GNR19118Track Plan & SectionShaftholme Junct with H&BRRailway at Shaftholme23" x 30"
6.188.GNR19119Track Plan & SectionsFinsbury Park StnWidening23" x 30"
6.189.GNR191110Track Plan & SectionsFletton Junc- Peterborough Stn. S of.Widening23" x 30"
6.190.GNR191111Track Plan & SectionsPeterborough Stn to WestwoodWidening23" x 30"
6.191.GNR191112Track Plan & SectionsPeterborough Crescent BridgeWidening23" x 30"
6.192.GNR191115Track PlanDoncaster Stn - WRG JuncWidening23" x 30"
6.193.GNR191116Track PlansArksey to Joan Croft JunctWidening23" x 30"
6.194.GNR191117SectionsDoncaster to ShaftholmeWidening23" x 30"
6.195.GNR191118SectionsDoncaster to ShaftholmeWidening23" x 30"
6.196.GNR191119Track PlanHackney Wick, Coal Yard GNRNew footpaths23" x 30"
6.197.GNR191120Track Plan & SectionsMill HillDiversion of Bunns Land23" x 30"
6.198.GNR191121Track Plan & SectionWood Green, Bridge & footpath.Widening23" x 30"
6.199.GNR191122Track PlanGrange Park StationAdditional Lands23" x 30"
6.200.GNR191123Track PlanKings Oak Plain Enfield + RendleshamAdditional Lands23" x 30"
6.201.GNR191126Track Plan & PlanGas Works Kings CrossAdditional Lands23" x 30"
6.202.GNR191127Track PlansFinchley & Stroud GreenAdditional Lands23" x 30"
6.203.GNR191128Track PlansWood Green & New BarnetAdditional Lands23" x 30"
6.204.GNR191129Track Plans & PlansBowes Park,Gordon Hill,Enfield StationsAdditional Lands23" x 30"
6.205.GNR191130Track PlansHadley Wood N Tunnel & Hatfield StnAddtional Lands23" x 30"
6.206.GNR191131Track PlansNast Hyde Halt & Fleetville (St Albans)Addtional Lands23" x 30"
6.207.GNR191132Track PlansAttimore Hall & Harpenden StationAdditional Lands23" x 30"
6.208.GNR191133Track PlansLangley SidingAdditional Lands23" x 30"
6.209.GNR191134Track PlansLetchworth StationAdditional Lands New Station23" x 30"
6.210.GNR191135Track PlansBiggleswade & Peterborough CrescentAddtional Lands23" x 30"
6.211.GNR191136Track PlansNew England & Little Bytham StationAdditional Lands23" x 30"
6.212.GNR191137Track PlansDeeping & Sleaford StationAdditional Lands23" x 30"
6.213.GNR191138Track PlansKirton & Mablethorpe StationsAddtional Lands23" x 30"
6.214.GNR191140Track PlansBalderton & Muskham SidingsAdditional Lands23" x 30"
6.215.GNR191141Track PlansBawtry StationAdditional Lands23" x 30"
6.216.GNR191142Track PlansLoversall Carr - Childers Drain boxAdditional Lands23" x 30"
6.217.GNR191143Track Plans & PlanDrighlington Stn (part) & HarrogateAdditional Lands23" x 30"
6.218.WR & GR191144Track PlansFrenchgate to Adwick JuncWidenings23" x 30"
6.219.WR & GR191145Track PlansCastle Hill to AdwickWidenings23" x 30"
6.220.WR & GR191146Track PlansAdwick Junc to Hemsworth South JuncWidenings23" x 30"
6.221.WR & GR191147Track PlansHemsworth S Junct - Nostell S JunWidenings23" x 30"
6.222.WR & GR191148Track PlansHemsworth Stn - Nostell SWidenings23" x 30"
6.223.WR & GR191149Track Plan & SectionsNostell Station - Nostell S Junc.Widenings23" x 30"
6.224.WR & GR191150SectionsDoncaster to AdwickWidenings23" x 30"
6.225.WR & GR191151SectionsAdwick to Hemsworth SouthWidenings23" x 30"
6.226.GNR19021Track PlansFinsbury Park to Drayton ParkGN & City Railway23" x 38"MISSING - SEE BG CLOXTON
6.227.GNR19022SectionsFinsbury Park to Drayton ParkGN & City Railway23" x 31"
6.228.GNR19021Track Plan & SectionsScrooby Proposed Rly to MaltbyBranch to ?23" x 30"
6.229.GNR19022Centre Line & SectionBawtry Proposed.Railway to Harworth23" x 30"
6.230.GNR19023Centre Line & SectionTickhillRailway to Harworth23" x 30"
6.231.GNR19024Centre Line & SectionTickhillRailway to Harworth23" x 30"
6.232.GNR19025Centre Line & SectionTickhill - HarworthRailway to Harworth23" x 30"
6.233.GNRRail PlanHunsletFoldedNot Included in 1st batch where are they.
6.234.GNRBranch PlanBatleyFoldedNot Included in 1st batch where are they.
6.235.GNR1855Working PlanPudseyPudsey ExtensionNot Included in 1st batch where are they.
6.236.GNRRailway PlanHalifax to OvendenNot Included in 1st batch where are they.
6.237.GNR12 mapsAll GNR SystemConnections to other RlysNot Included in 1st batch where are they.
6.238.GNR188744Track PlanEast MarkhamDiversion Road
6.239.GNR188747Track PlanOffordAdditional Lands
6.240.GNR188749Track PlanBarkstoneAdditional Lands
6.241.GNR188720Track PlanHolbeachAdditional Lands
6.242.OS128MapBostonWater Companies
6.243.GNR1903MapPinxtonProposed Railway
6.244.OS115MapHorncastleWater Companies
6.245.GNR1902MapRailways in S YorkshireProposed Railway
6.246.GNR18794Street PlanIslingtonStreet Closure
6.247.WRJ1899Track PlanCarltonLand & Deviation
6.248.M & GNR1920Track PlanGedney, HolbeachAdditional Lands
6.249.GNR189620Track Plan & SectionBradfordAdditional Lands
6.250.GNR189621Track PlanLow MoorAdditional Lands
6.251.GNR188019Track PlanSpaldingPlan & Section
6.252.GNR188020Plans, SectionsSpaldingSections
6.253.GNR188715Track PlanNew SouthgateAdditional Lands
6.254.GNR188713Track PlanBostonStopping Up Road, Add Land
6.255.GNR188712Track PlanFinsbury ParkStoppingUp Road, Add Land
6.256.GNR188710Track PlanLofthouse Nth JCTWidening
6.257.GNR188711Section & PlanLingwell Gate LaneWidening
6.258.GNR18873SectionsWortleyCurve & New Footpath
6.259.GNR19113SectionsKnebworthRoad Deviation
6.260.GNR18979Track PlanSandy & OffordWidening
6.261.GNR191152SectionsAdwick JCTWidening No 2&3
6.262.GNR191153SectionsHemsworth,NostellWidening No 2&3
6.263.GNR188931Track Plan & SectionKirksteadNew Road, Abolition of Ferry
6.264.GNR18894Track Plan & SectionWoodhall SpaRailway to Woodhall Spa
6.265GNR189130SectionsWerrington JCT, Helpston
6.266GNR189145Track PlanOakleigh ParkDvn Footpath, Abl Level Xing
6.267GNR189146Track PlanStevenageFootbridge, F'path, Level Xing
6.269GNR189150PlanMuskhamDiversion of Road
6.270GNR189151SectionsMuskhamProposed Diversion
6.271GNR189152Track Plan & SectionArdsleyDiversion of Road
6.272GNR189153Track PlanHollowayAdditional Lands
6.273GNR189154Track Plan & StreetWood greenAdditional Lands
6.274GNR189155Track PlanCole GreenAdditional Lands
6.275GNR189156Track PlanHitchinAdditional Lands
6.276GNR189157Track PlanGranthamAdditional Lands
6.277GNR189159Track PlanLofthouse Nth JCTAdditional Lands
6.278GNR189160Track PlanArmleyAdditional Lands
6.279GNR189161Track PlanBramleyAdditional Lands
6.280GNR189163Track PlanGrimsbyAdditional Land, Level Xing
6.281GN&GE189164Track PlanRuskingtonAbolition of F'path & L Xing
6.282GNR189710Track PlansTempsfordWidening Sandy to Offord
6.283GNR189711Track PlansSt NeotsWidening Sandy to Offord
6.284GNR189712Track PlansPaxtonWidening Sandy to Offord
6.285GNR189713SectionsWidening Sandy to Offord
6.286GNR189714SectionsWidening Sandy to Offord
6.287GNR189854Two Track PlansWainfleetWidening of Skegness Branch
6.288GNR189855Two Track PlansCroft BankWidening of Skegness Branch
6.289GNR189856Two Track PlansCow Bank & SkegnessWidening of Skegness Branch
6.290GNR189857SectionsWainfleetWidening of Skegness Branch
6.291GNR189858SectionsCroft BankWidening of Skegness Branch
6.292GNR189859SectionsCow BankWidening of Skegness Branch
6.293GNR189860SectionsSkegnessWidening of Skegness Branch
6.294GNR189918Track Plan & SectionsHighburyDiversion of Road, Addnl Land
6.295GNR189919Track PlanHatfieldBridge Extension, Addnl Land
6.296GNR189929Track PlanNew SouthgateAdditional Land
6.297GNR189930Track PlanNew BarnetAdditional Land
6.298GNR189931Track PlanPotters BarAdditional Land
6.299GNR190232Track PlanHawksheadAdditional Land
6.300GNR189934Track PlanHitchinAdditional Land
6.301GNR189936Track PlanLangfordAdditional Land
6.302GNR189938TrackPlanSandyAdditional Land
6.303GNR189944Two Track PlansNewarkAdditional Land
6.304GNR189945Track PlanRanskillAdditional Land
6.305GNR189946Two Track PlansArdsleyAdditional Land
6.306GNR190228Track Plan & SectionRed HallNew Footpath, Abolition L Xing
6.307GNR190235Track PlanBostonAdditional Land
6.308GNR190244Track PlansAdwick JCT, HemsworthAdditional Land
6.309GNR1902Track PlanFinsbury ParkRevival of Powers
6.310GNR1902SectionsFinsbury ParkProposed Railway
6.311GNR18911Track Plan & SectionFarringdon St, Charterhouse StExtension of Railway
6.312GNR18912Track PlanFarringdon St, Charterhouse StExtension of Railway
6.313GNR18913Track Plan & SectionStanningleyProposed Railway
6.314GNR18895Track Plan & SectionBlack Carr JCTAdditional Land
6.315GNR18899Track Plan & C/LLeedsProposed Railways No8, No9
6.316GNR188910SectionsLeedsProposed Railways No8, No9
6.317O/S188988MapHolmfieldJCT with Halifax High Level Rly
6.318GNR188912Track Plan & C/LArdsleyWidening Ardsley – Wortley JCT
6.319GNR188913Track Plan & C/LMiddleton HallWidening Ardsley – Wortley JCT
6.320GNR188970Proposed Railways No8, No9LeedsWidening Ardsley – Wortley JCT
6.321O/S1889MapBradfordExtension of Railway to Pudsey
6.322GNR188914Track Plan & C/LMiddleton HallWidening Ardsley – Wortley JCT
6.323GNR188915Track Plan & C/LStank HallWidening Ardsley – Wortley JCT
6.324GNR188916Track Plan & C/LBeestonWidening Ardsley – Wortley JCT
6.325GNR188917Track Plan & C/LLeedsWidening Ardsley – Wortley JCT
6.326GNR188918Track Plan & C/LWortley JCTWidening Ardsley – Wortley JCT
6.327O/SMapLeedsProposed Railway to Stanningley
6.328GNR188919Track Plan & SectionStanningleyWidening Stanningley – Wortley
6.329GNR188920Track Plan & SectionBramleyWidening Stanningley – Wortley
6.330GNR188921Track Plan & SectionBramleyWidening Stanningley – Wortley
6.331GNR188922Track Plan & SectionArmleyWidening Stanningley – Wortley
6.332GNR188923Track Plan & SectionArmleyWidening Stanningley – Wortley
6.333GNR188924Track Plan & SectionWortley JCTWidening Stanningley – Wortley
6.334GNR188925Sections & plansWortley JCT, Pudsey, Dudley HillWidening Stanningley – Wortley
6.335GNR188926SectionsDudley HillAdditional Land
6.336GNR188927Track Plan & SectionWymondleyNew Road
6.337GNR188928Track Plan & SectionBostonAbl of L crossing Dvn of footpath
6.338GNR188932Track PlanThree CountiesNew footbridge
6.339GNR188933Track PlanMeldrethNew footbridge Abl of L crossing
6.340GNR188934Track PlanBinghamNew footbridge
6.341GNR188935Track PlanWilloughbyNew footbridge
6.342GNR188936Track PlanHorton ParkNew footbridge
6.343GNR188937Track PlanWood GreenAdditional Land
6.344GNR188938Track PlanBostonAdditional Land
6.345GNR188939Track PlanWakefieldAdditional Land
6.346GNR188940Track PlanLaisterdykeAdditional Land
6.347GN&GE188941Track Plan & SectionRuskingtonNew road Abl of L crossing
6.348West R188942Track PlanHampole
6.349GNR18898Plan & SectionBeeston
6.350GNR18908Track PlanPotters Bar
6.351GNR18902Track Plan & SectionFarringdon St
6.352GNR18919Track PlanLaisterdyke
6.354GNR189111Track Plan & SectionKeighley
6.356GNR189112Track Plan & centrelineMuskham
6.358GNR189114Track Plan & centrelineHatfield
6.359GNR189115Track Plan & centrelineHatfield
6.362GNR189118Track Plan & centrelineAbbot's Ripton
6.363GNR189119Track Plan & centrelineConnington
6.364GNR189120Street Map & CentrelineHolme
6.365GNR189121Street Map & CentrelineStilton Fen
6.366GNR189122Street Map & CentrelineYaxley
6.367GNR189123Street Map & CentrelineFletton
6.368GNR189124SectionsAbbot's Ripton
6.369GNR189125SectionsAbbot's Ripton
6.372GNR19051Track PlanOakleigh Park
6.373GNR19052Track PlanLangrick
6.375GNR19054Track PlanThackley
6.376GNR19055Street mapRoyal Mint Street
6.377GNR19056Track Plan Street mapKings Cross station
6.378GNR19057Track Plan Street mapKings Cross station
6.379GNR19058Track Plan Street mapFinchley
6.380GNR19059Track Plan Street mapPalmers Green
6.381GNR190510Street Map & CentrelineEnfield
6.382GNR190511Street mapEnfield
6.383GNR190512Track PlanSt Albans
6.384GNR190513Track PlanArlesey
6.385GNR190514Track PlanTempsford
6.386GNR190515Track PlanFletton
6.387GNR190516Track PlanGreatford Crossing
6.388GNR190517Track PlanColwick
6.389GNR190518Track PlanLincoln
6.390GNR190519Track PlanNewarkAdditional Land
6.391GNR1905202 Track PlansGamstonAdditional Land
6.392GNR1905212 Track PlansBeeston (Leeds)Additional Land
6.393GN&GE190522Track Plan Street mapSaxilbyAdditional Land
6.394LNER1924114O/S mapLincolnProposed Railway No4
6.395LNER192480O/S mapKingston upon HullProposed Railways No 5&6
6.396LNER1924113O/S mapOllertonProposed Railway No7
6.397LNER19243Track Plan & SectionWood GreenRailway No3
6.398LNER19244Street Map & CentrelineLincolnRailway No4
6.399LNER19245SectionsLincolnRailway No4
6.400LNER19246Street Map & CentrelineFrodinghamRailway No5&6
6.401LNER19247SectionsFrodinghamRailway No5&6
6.402LNER19248SectionsFrodinghamRailway No5&6
6.403LNER19249Centre Line & SectionsBilsthorpe Colliery branchRailway No7
6.404LNER192410Track PlanThurgolandAlteration of Railway
6.405LNER192411Track Plan & SectionHattersleyAlteration of Railway
6.406LNER1924122 Track Plans & CentrelineBethnal Green Devonshire StreetWidening & Alterations (1&2)
6.407LNER192413Track Plan & SectionsBow Street & StratfordWidening & Alterations (3&4)
6.408LNER192414Track PlanBow Street & StratfordWidening & Alterations (4)
6.409LNER192415Track Plan, C/L & SectionsStratfordWidening & Alterations (4)
6.410LNER192416Track Plan, C/L & SectionsStratfordWidening & Alterations (4)
6.411LNER192417Track Plan, C/L & SectionsWest Holmes LincolnWidening No5&6
6.412LNER192418Track Plan & SectionsSouth EastringtonHull & Selby Railway
6.413LNER192419Track Plan & SectionsSouth EastringtonHull & Selby Railway
6.414LNER192420Track Plan & SectionsStraddlethorpeHull & Selby Railway
6.415LNER192421Two Track PlansMillDiversion of Footpaths
6.416LNER192422Track Plan & SectionsManchester (Gorton)Footbridge & Stopping up Street
6.417LNER192423Track Plan & SectionsHessleAdditional Land, Road Diversion
6.418LNER192424SectionsHessleCulverting, Diversion of Drain
6.419LNER192425Track PlanStockton on TeesDiversion of Footpaths
6.420LNER192426Track PlanDewenthaughAdditional Land
6.421LNER192427Track PlanBungayDiversion of Footpaths
6.422LNER192428Track PlanFrodinghamAdditional Land
6.423SYJR1903101O/S mapEast RetfordProposed Railway
6.424SYJR190329Track PlanHarworthProposed East Curve
6.425SYJR190330SectionsHarworthEast Curve
6.426SYJR190331Street mapHarworthDiversion of Footpaths
6.427SYJR19036Land Owner MapStaintonProposed Railway
6.428SYJR19037Land Owner MapTickhillProposed Railway
6.429SYJR19038Land Owner MapWadworthProposed Railway
6.430SYJR190312Land Owner MapRosehillProposed Railway
6.431SYJR190313Land Owner MapArmthorpeProposed Railway
6.432SYJR14Land OwnerSandallProposed Railway
6.433SYJR15Land OwnerKirk SandallProposed Railway
6.434SYJR16Land OwnerLong SandallProposed Railway
6.435SYJR17Land OwnerDoncasterProposed Railway
6.436LNER1929-3015Track Plan, C/L & SectionsMottramWidening No5
6.437LNER1925Track Plan, C/L & SectionsGlossopWidening No3 Glossop-Hadfield
6.438Parly1928-291Street Plan C/LPeterboroughWidening, Additional Land
6.439Parly1928-292Street Plan C/LPeterboroughWidening, Additional Land
6.440Parly1928-293Street Plan C/LPeterboroughWidening, Additional Land
6.441GNR1922Track PlanDoncasterStopping up Roads, Additional Land
6.442LNER1924Track Plan C/LBethnal Green Devonshire StreetWidening, Additional Land No1-2
6.443LNER1924Track Plan, C/L & SectionsBow JctWidening, Additional Land No3-4
6.444LNER192415Track Plan, C/L & SectionsStratfordWidening, Additional Land No4
6.445LNER1924Track Plan, C/L & SectionsStratfordWidening, Additional Land No4
6.446LNER1924Track Plan C/LHessleAddnl Land, Diversion, Road Drains
6.447GNR19022Track Plan C/LFinsbury Park Drayton ParkProposed Railway
6.448GNR19026Track Plan, C/L & SectionsRailways in South YorkshireRailways No4&5
6.449GNR19027Track Plan, C/L & SectionsRailways in South YorkshireRailway No6
6.450GNR19028C/L & SectionsRailways in South YorkshireRailway No6
6.410GNR19029C/L & SectionsRailways in South YorkshireRailway No6
6.452GNR190210C/L & SectionsRailways in South YorkshireRailways No6&7
6.453GNR190211C/L & SectionsRailways in South YorkshireRailway No7
6.454GNR190212C/L & SectionsRailways in South YorkshireRailway No7
6.455GNR190213C/L & SectionsRailways in South YorkshireRailway No7
6.456GNR190214C/L & SectionsRailways in South YorkshireRailway No7
6.457GNR190215C/L & SectionsRailways in South YorkshireRailway No7
6.458GNR190216C/L & SectionsRailways in South YorkshireRailway No8
6.459GNR190217C/L & SectionsRailways in South YorkshireRailway No8
6.460GNR190218C/L & SectionsRailways in South YorkshireRailway No8
6.461GNR190219C/L & SectionsRailways in South YorkshireRailway No8
6.462GNR190220C/L & SectionsRailways in South YorkshireRailway No9
6.463GNR190221C/L & SectionsRailways in South YorkshireRailway No10
6.464GNR190222C/L & SectionsRailways in South YorkshireRailway No10
6.465GNR190223C/L & SectionsRailways in South YorkshireRailway No10
6.466GNR190224C/L & SectionsRailways in South YorkshireRailway No10
6.467GNR190225SectionsRailways in South YorkshireRailways No1-14
6.468GNR190226Track Plan C/LFinsbury ParkRailway No11
6.469GNR190227SectionsFinsbury ParkRailway No11
6.470GNR190228Track Plan Section, F PathRedhallWidening
6.471GNR190229Track PlanRadcliffeAdditional Land, Embankment
6.472GNR190230Two Track PlansScrooby, BawtryAdditional Land, L-Xing Abolition
6.473GNR190231Track PlanHollowayAdditional Land
6.474GNR190232Track PlanFonthill Road FinsburyAdditional Land
6.475GNR190233Street mapHatfieldAdditional Land
6.476GNR190234Track PlanArleseyAdditional Land
6.477GNR190235Track PlanBostonAdditional Land
6.478GNR190236Track PlanSpilsbyAdditional Land
6.479GNR190237Track PlanThurnbyAdditional Land
6.480GNR190238Track PlanLangwithAdditional Land
6.481GNR190239Track PlanWest HallamAdditional Land
6.482GNR190240Track PlanHoughamAdditional Land
6.483GNR190244Track Plan, Street MapDoncasterAdditional Land
6.484MNJtLC1926Track PlanOllerton CollieryLayout Plan A
6.485MNJtLC1926Track PlanClayfield OllertonLayout Plan B
6.486MNJtLC1926Plan, SectionClayfield OllertonLayout Plan C
6.487MNJtLC1926Track Plan, Section, C/LOllertonRailways No3,8,9,10 & 12
6.488MNJtLC1926Track Plan, C/LBilsthorpeRailway No3
6.489MNJtLC1926Section, C/LBilsthorpeRailway No3
6.490MNJtLC1926Section, C/LCalvertonRailways No3,6 & 7
6.491MNJtLC1926Section, C/LCalvertonDraft Plan of Railways No3,6 & 7
6.492MNJtLC1926Section, C/LPapplewickRailways No1,2 & 3
6.493MNJtLC1926Section, C/LPapplewickDraft Plan of Railways No1,2 & 3
6.494101O/S mapEast RetfordProposed Railways Nos 1-12
6.495MNJtLCStreet mapBilsthorpeDiversion of Road
6.496MNJtLCSectionClayfield OllertonRailway No9
6.497MNJtLC6Section, C/LBothamsallRailways No3 & 4
6.498MNJtLC7Section, C/LBabworthRailways No3,4 & 5
6.499MNJtLC11Section, C/LOllertonRailway No11