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Ref NoDescriptionDateYearComments
9.001Commercial Traveller's TicketAPL 19111911
9.002General Regulations, Working the Block System
9.003GNR Indenture Booklet
9.004GNR Engineman's Rules Booklet17/05/18551855
9.005GNR Stock Certificates (4)
9.006GNR Merchandise Traffic Booklet01/03/19061906
9.007GNR Parliament Bill Session 190631/01/19061906
9.008GNR Quarto Memo Book18731873
9.009BR Eastern: New England Enginemens' Workings13/06/19551955
9.010Diary ? Oliver Edmund19051905
9.011Plan: Railway at Manchester Sheet 5 (3 parts)
9.012GNR Reorganisation of the Traffic Department
9.013Fold Up Card Maps - Lancashire & Cheshire19131913
9.014Fold Up Card Maps - East Anglia19221922
9.015Fold Up Maps - Manchester & District19111911
9.016Fold Up Maps - Staffordshire & District19131913
9.017Fold Up Maps - Yorkshire19141914
9.018GNR Scale of Annual Salaries
9.019GNR Classification of Loads01/07/19141914
9.020GNR Parcels Traffic For London14/12/19211921
9.021LNER Arrangements For Fog and Snow01/01/19441944
9.022BR E - A Guide to Road Learning: Doncaster01/07/19791979
9.023BR E Route Book 1 Kings Cross to Hitchin01/10/19681968
9.024BR E Route Book 2 Kings Cross Suburban01/11/19681968
9.025Doug Brown - Various TNA Papers (in tube)
9.026GNR General Regulations Priviledge Ticket Book19041904
9.027GNR Credit Account Documents18821882Various
9.028Scrap Book Baldwins & Modern Image
9.029Private Box of Letters
9.030GNR Receipt Book Retford - Arksey19221922
9.031Newspapers covering mainly ECR and other East Anglian railways18441844
9.032GNRS Microfilm File - per Roger Heasman
9.033GNR Whitsuntide Excursions BookletM Shipman
9.034GNR Special Working ArrangementsM Shipman
9.035GNR Payment Certificte for Work Done27/07/18961896
9.036GNR Engine Stock Book 84 pages01/01/18961896
9.037GNR Three Lists of Bridges Louth - Bardney Area
9.038GNR Skegby Junction24/02/18981898
9.039Richard Tarpey Correspondence
9.040GNR Single Line Working - One Sheet01/02/18661866
9.041Railway Noted Vol. 3 - Note on GNR Working01/01/19111911
9.042Network Rail Kings Cross Sale Item Brochure18/04/20092009
9.043GNR,GN & LNWR Royal Train & SundriesVarious
9.044GNR Summer Times Act 1917 Bad Print of Primrose Hill
9.045GNR Sleaford Items ( Mortons Line Almanac)19161916
9.046BR GNML Fright Engine & Trainmens' Workings10/05/19631963
9.047Album of GNR Circulars - over 100 items
9.048Secret Life of St Neots Station (John Slack)20102010
9.049Great Northern Railway Vol. 2 - John Wrottesley19791979
9.050GNR Letter Concerning Commission18851885
9.051Plan of the Sidings' Agreement - Brodworth Main Colliery19081908