Line drawing of a G2 locomotive

658 Class (G3/G4)

In 1881 Mr. Stirling brought out a new type of passenger tank engine for local and suburban services. These locomotives were eight-wheeled, having two pairs of driving wheels coupled in front and a trailing bogie, and they differed from the earlier design already illustrated in Figs. 46 and 47 by having the water supply provided in side tanks with the coal bunker distinct behind the footplate. From an inspection of the illustration above given of No. 761, it will be seen that the general design was very neat and compact, the arrangement of the side tanks, cab and bunker in one piece conducing greatly to that effect, and producing an ample shelter for the men in charge.

These engines, 16 in number, were built to the following dimensions: cylinders lyi-in. by 24-in., diameter of driving wheels 5-ft. 1-in., and of bogie wheels 3-ft. The total wheelbase was 22 -ft. 6-in., the coupled wheel centres being 7-ft. 3-in. apart, and the bogie wheel centres 5-ft. From the leading wheel centre to the centre of the bogie pin measured 19-ft. 9-in., the bogie pin being placed 3-in. in advance of the centre of the bogie. The frames measured over all 29-ft. 3-in., the overhang being 5-ft. 3-in. and 1-ft. 6-in. at front and back respectively. Pitched with its centre line 7-ft. 3-in. above the rails, the boiler barrel had a length of 10-ft. 1-in., and a diameter outside the smallest ring of 4-ft. o 1/2-in., while the firebox casing was 5-ft. 6-in. long outside, with a depth below the centre fine of 5-ft. 2-in. and 4-ft. 8-in. at front and back respectively. The heating surface of the tubes was 830 sq. ft. The two side tanks collectively had a capacity of 1,000 gallons of water and the bunker held 3 tons of coal, and with these supplies brought the total weight of the engines in working order up to the respectable total of 50 tons 4 cwt.

Following is a list of the dates and numbers of the 16 engines comprised in this group : —

Date. Doncaster No. Engine No. Date Doncaster No. Engine No.
1881 318 658 1884 369 696
1881 327 659 1884 372 697
1881 328 660 1884 375 698
1881 331 661 1884 376 761
1882 336 682 1884 381 762
1882 337 683 1885 384 763
1884 363 694 1885 385 764
1884 365 695 1885 386 765

Note that locomotives taken into the LNER were allocated the class G2.

Some or all of the description has been edited from G.F.Bird's Locomotives of the Great Northern Railway

Preserved Locomotives

There are no preserved locomotives of this type.



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