Bird Illustration of Bury prototype 0-4-2

Bury Prototype

In the first week of January, 1849, Messrs. Bury, Curtis & Kennedy delivered to the company a passenger engine. No. 100, which claims some attention. As can be seen from the illustration, Fig. 7, it was not of the standard pattern of the firm, being carried on six wheels, while the shape of the firebox also differed from that almost invariably associated with the “Bury” engines.

The maker’s No. of this engine was 359, and it had inside cylinders 15-in. by 22-in., a pair of leading wheels 4-ft. 3-in., and four coupled wheels 5-ft. 9-in. in diameter respectively.

During 1855 and 1856 this engine was rebuilt, having in the first-named year broken its crank-shaft and run off the rails, and as it issued from the shops it presented quite a changed appearance, the inside bar frames being concealed by the provision of a new plate framing outside the wheels, the external aspect of the engine as thus converted closely approximating to that of the coupled passenger engines subsequently built with the Nos. 71 to 75, which will be referred to later. At the same time the cylinders had their diameter increased to 16-in.

Bird Illustration of Bury modified prototype 0-4-2

Some years later, in 1871, this No. 100 was again renewed with wheels of the same diameter as those originally placed under her, and still later, in 1875, she was Fig. 8. provided with a new set of wheels, the leaders being 4-ft. 6-in., and the drivers 6 ft. in diameter, respectively, thus raising the whole engine by about 3 inches.

Some or all of the description has been edited from G.F.Bird's Locomotives of the Great Northern Railway

Preserved Locomotives

There are no preserved locomotives of this type.



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