Bird illustration of a Small Hawthorne

Small Hawthorn

“Following the Little Sharps came a class which were always known on the line as the “Small Hawthorns,” so named after their builders, Messrs. R. and W. Hawthorn, of Newcastle-on-Tyne. There were twenty of these engines, numbered consecutively with the first lot, of which Nos. 51 to 62 were delivered during the years 1848 and 1849, and Nos. 63 to 70 during 1850.

The illustration. Fig. 2, showing No. 51 of this class, indicates the chief features, and points the fact that except in matters of detail Fig. a. these engines were of the firm’s standard pattern. Nos. 61 to 70 differed from the others in having no domes, but they all had cylinders measuring 15-in. by 21-in. and driving wheels 6-ft. in diameter, the leading and trailing wheels being 3-ft. 6-in. in diameter, and at distances of 7-ft. and 6-ft. 9-in. respectively from the driving wheel centre, the total wheel-base thus being 13-ft. 9-in. The boiler barrel was 10-ft. in length and 3-ft. 10-in. in diameter, containing 173 tubes each of 1 3/4-in. diameter, and the internal firebox measured 3-ft. lo-in. in length by 3-ft. 6-in. in breadth.

Heating surface formed a total of 907 sq. ft. of which 68 were apportioned to the firebox, and 839 to the tubes. The weight of these engines was 27 tons 1 cwt. Nos. 52 to 57 were for a time lent to the East Kent Railway, afterwards a portion of the London, Chatham & Dover Railway, and were the first engines at work on that particular line.”

From Groves: No. 67 and 70 were rebuilt as 0-4-2’s in December 1886 and January 1991. After being put to work in Bradford, they were then shedded at Wainfleet, and finally Grantham. No.70 lasted long enough to be classed as E5.

The Society has photos of both No. 67 and 70.

Some or all of the description has been edited from G.F.Bird's Locomotives of the Great Northern Railway

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