An Immense And Exceedingly Commodious Goods Station [King’s Cross]

by Rebecca Haslam and Guy Thompson

A stunning in-depth title about the King’s Cross Goods Depot written as an archeological account of the development. The subtitle “The Archaeology and History of the Great Northern Railway’s Goods Yard At Kings Cross 1849 To Present Day says it all.

Rammed with information and extensive drawings about the various building and elements of the huge industrial complex that the GNR created, this book is now hard to obtain, but worth every penny if you are interested in this fascinating part of the GNR’s history and mode of working. The Goods yard generated vast amounts of income for the GNR, it was revolutionary in may areas and continued to evolve.

Although a lot of the grime and grit of the site is now consigned to remarkably few photos and diagrams, the developers of the current site have done an amazing job to repurpose and blend the old with the new.

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