Branch Lines to Skegness and Mablethorpe, also Spilsby and Coningsby

by Vic Mitchell and Keith Smith

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Information from the publisher’s website:

All four routes have served agriculture and the holiday trade, thus there is great variety in the facilities photographed and mapped.
The first branch survives and retains much of its historic equipment and architectural detail, to be enjoyed herein.

Stations & Locations

Stations Photo
Tumby Woodside FC, 67-68
Louth 1-7
Grimoldby 8-10
Saltfleetby 11-12
Theddlethorpe 13-16
Mablethorpe 17-27
Sutton on Sea 28-32
Mumby Road 33-37
Willoughby 38-48
Firsby 49-56
Halton Holgate 57-58
Spilsby 59-64
Coningsby 65-66
New Bolingbroke 69-72
Stickney 73-76
Midville 77-79
Firsby (south of) 80-81
Thorpe Culvert 82-86
Wainfleet 87-94
Havenhouse 95-99
Seacroft 100-101
Skegness 102-120
96 Pages 120 B&W Photographs, Large Scale Maps complete with fascinating details of local history along the route. HARDBACK