Doncaster and its Railways. The Second Selection

by Peter Tuffrey

Publisher’s comments:

In 1846 the London & York Railway Bill received Royal Assent. This was a proposal for a national railway from London to York, hence the name, but also with branches to Sheffield and Wakefield. By 1849 the line to Doncaster was opened for service and in 1853 Doncaster was made the site of what was then the Great Northern Railways engineering and locomotive works. The plant has manufactured at least 2,500 locomotives as well as countless wagons and carriages over the years.

In this, his second book on Doncaster and its railways, Peter Tuffrey looks at the changing railway scene in and around Doncaster from the late nineteenth century to the present day. There are views of long-gone steam locomotives and modern diesels and electrics, as well as stations, the plant and its employees, and coal, freight and passenger trains in and around Doncaster.

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