East Lincolnshire Railway (The) – OL82

by A J Ludlam

Ludlam is one of the main authors for Oakwood Press regarding Lincolnshire GNR lines and this one OL82 is a good introduction to the line, and Oakwood Press ha psrovided a book with lots of photos, maps, etc. It is a little light on in-depth detail but still an enjoyable read and well worth adding to your bookshelves if the Lincolnshire Lines are your area of interest. His other works are also in a similar vein and, if not so pricey (probably mainly due to the high photo content), it would be worth having the books merged into one big coherent volume.

The line ran from Great Grimsby to Louth, Alford, and Boston and technically was the first GNR line to run in 1848 with train services, although the line was leased from the ELR and not GNR property (although it did share directors including Edmund Denison)


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