Genealogy of the LNER & A Chronology of Its Antecedents. (A)

by Dawn Smith

GNR – p65 -84

I am amazed that this self-published work was not taken up by an established publishing house and stands testimony to the hard work and dedication of a passionate author. It covers a detailed chronology of all the constituent companies that came together in 1 Jan 1923 at the grouping to form the L&NER (later the LNER). The genealogy draws together the details of enabling acts, bills, dates of opening, published capitalisation, shareholding etc together with extensive appendices. I cannot guarantee the completeness of the work, but even if not complete it is still closer than anything else I have seen for the GNR and I would recommend it to be on the shelf of anyone wanting ready access to dates of acts and constituent railways.

Dawn Smith deserves greater recognition for the service she has done. It is regularly available on secondhand online bookshops, but it may not be for much longer as I doubt too many were printed. The spine is often blue I have noted as the LNER ink dye of the cover sun-bleaches. The books tend to hold their value and it is a copy I value even though it is not a page-turner with lots of explanatory text. It is pared down to the essentials but it benefits from this.


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