Great Northern Main Line (The)

by W Rayner Thrower

Another of the early 1980s series by Oakwood Press Locomotion Papers series number 148.

This slim pamphlet-style booklet has 46 pages and gives a very short, but very informative text on the line running from London to Doncaster and includes several snippets not seen in other texts I have read that pre-date this one. The booklet was written by someone who had close connections with the GNR, including the very early GNR days which adds additional points of interest. Sadly, the author died as it was going through editing, so updates or additional material was not possible.

There are also some excellent, good-quality photos, which makes this a book to have on your shelf to add to the much weightier tomes that cover some of the same ground. Characteristic of this series, there is no index and is effectively a single chapter with annotated subheadings.

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