Great Northern Railway 1846-1923 – Locomotives, Classes, Origins & Meanings of Names

by Mike Williams

British Pre-Grouping Railway Series Part 23

A self-published book by Mike Williams deserves high recognition as a definitive guide to each and every locomotive produced for and by the GNR. It is a regular source of information for me and I like the layouts of the tables, and it is a great way to see how the inventory ebbed and flowed. The GNR’s regular re-use of line numbers can make it confusing to trace and this book gives all the information you need. I would recommend it to anyone interested in locos of the GNR.

The only, very minor, criticism I would have is that of the size of the text in its A5 format. I am sure that this is a production cost constraint and as a self-published work, this is understandable. I would have been happy to pay more for an A4 booklet, but magnification makes it very usable.

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