Great Northern Railway (The)

by O S Nock

This is a publication that has stood the test of time and, although out of print now, is readily available on most secondhand online sites and often found in general secondhand bookshops as well as specialists.

OS Nock is possibly one of the most prolific authors of railway books and manages to convey a sweeping overview of the history. The books are relatively short and therefore the coverage in depth is more limited. He is a particular fan of timetables and data on the merits of journey data and glosses over major events – because space is restricted. An enjoyable read, but for quantity of historical data and a more in-depth history you need to defer to Grinling or Wrottesley for the whole line or look to buy the more specialist areas. As the book is readily available at generally very modest prices, because there are so many available, it is worth having to read and hold on your shelf.

First published in 1958 in hardback, there are at least two different sizes, as I hold both. The 1974 is in paperback, but just a cheaper version of the 1958 versions, but the content appears to be unchanged, but I could be wrong. There is no indication that it is an amended or updated edition or called a second edition.