High Dyke Branch Rediscovered (The) – Part 2 -Bridge End, Colsterworth to Stainby Station

by John Pegg & C Taylor

Part Two of two online articles published by the Tracks Through Grantham Group 

Modern photographs and description by John Pegg and C. Taylor  – edited by John Clayson

Continues where Part 1 concluded at Bridge End, Colsterworth, just over 3 miles along the High Dyke Branch from its junction with the main line near Stoke Tunnel.

This second section takes us a further 2¾ miles, to the site of the sidings and goods station at Stainby. These facilities marked ‘the end of the line’ so far as British Rail and its predecessors were concerned, because the tracks beyond were the property of the various quarry operators. Extensive land remediation has removed or covered over most traces of those railways.

The first 1½ miles, from Bridge End as far as Skillington Road, has been imaginatively laid out as a nature trail by Colsterworth & District Parish Council. The trail is maintained with the support of volunteers and is very easy to follow.

Beyond the nature trail section the route becomes less easy to trace, and ultimately a diversion by road is necessary to avoid a field with growing crops and an inaccessible area of the old trackbed beyond.

As before, we are equipped with our ‘time machine’ into which we will step occasionally to see what changes have come about since the 1960s and 1970s.

To compare the landscape today with what was here before, use this linkOpens in a new window which will open in a new tab. You can switch between a 1930s OS map and a modern aerial view by dragging the blue dot slider marked ‘Change transparency of overlay’. Leave the tab open and you can drop back occasionally as we progress along the way.


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