History of the Great Northern Railway (The) [1845-1895]

by Charles H Grinling

This is one of the first books written about one of the big railway companies and although not an “official” history that was overtly sanctioned by the Company Board, it was written by one of the big families heavily involved with the GNR. Charles Grinling’s father had been in the accounts department for decades and chief accountant for many of these and therefore there was access to many members across the railway company and those involved. He and one of his brothers were also employees and so they lived and breathed the GNR.

Despite its age, this is an excellent historical account of the GNR right up until the end of the 1800s, but only goes up until 1895 therefore missing the final 27 years, but as the book was published in 1898 it is very contemporary. The detail is fascinating, and to a degree not written with the access to detailed archives of paperwork and photos that more modern historians now have, but it is still very readable and for anyone serious in knowing the history of the GNR this is a must to have and read. (There is also a version listed adjacently to this title in our bibliography which has the same title but goes all the way through to 1922 as publishers Allen and Unwin took advantage of the lapse in copyright and used the services of H V Borley and C Hamilton-Ellis to write supplementary chapters for the missing years.

If owning a first edition of this is your preference they can still be purchased from online websites at modest prices but good copies can often be purchased for less than ¬£30. This title is also available online with various online libraries and there is a link included in the online book section of the Bibliography. There are also various new paperback copies published by publishers who reprint out-of-copyright titles which are available online from Amazon or such sites as abebooks.co.uk 

This title is out of print but it is readily available in online bookstores like Amazon.co.uk or the secondhand bookstore market such as abebooks.co.uk & biblio.co.uk.



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