Locomotives of the LNER Part 1 (2022 Edition)

by E V Fry (series editor)

Locomotives of the LNER was originally published in 19 parts over 30 years, commencing with Part 1 The Preliminary Survey in 1963. The definitive series was edited by Eric Fry, researched and written by members of the Railway Correspondence and Travel Society.

The centenary in 2023 of the formation of the London and North Eastern Railway is a suitable occasion to reissue the series to a new audience.

Not technically a GNR Title but it will no doubt have a few ex-GNR locos  – has been republished combining parts A & B into one volume

Publisher’s Original Notes

The LNER existed between 1923 and 1947. It was formed in the aftermath of the 1914-18 War by grouping seven leading companies that operated railways along the eastern side of the island of Great Britain. The centenary of its creation is 2023.

Locomotives of the L.N.E.R. was a unique voluntary endeavour by a team of researchers and writers under the dedicated leadership of Eric Fry. At the time Part 1 was published in 1963 as the Preliminary Survey, there were still a few ex-LNER engines in operational service. It was envisaged that 10 volumes would be sufficient to complete the series:

“Within the compass of these ten volumes an attempt will be made to describe in detail the history of the 10,000 or so locomotives owned at one time or another by the L.N.E.R. and the work they have done. The articles on individual locomotive classes will be on a uniform basis covering the full history of all engines, including details of origin, leading dimensions, dates of construction, rebuilding and withdrawal of each engine, together with sections covering detail variations, classification, engine diagrams and allocation and work. Photographs of each class and variations will be included.

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