New Line, Kirkstead to Little Steeping (The)

by Stephen Walker

A slim volume at 47 pages with extensive photos and tables, this pamphlet-style book provides a good introduction to the line built under the Light Railway Commissioner’s permission in 1911 and was completed in mid-1913. It briefly covers the line’s stations starting on the Loop line at Kirkstead Junction,  then Coningsby, Tumby, New Bolingbroke, Stickney, Midville, Little Steeping, and terminating at Firsby where it joins the East Lincolnshire Railway line.

Although light on hard detail, it would provide a good basis for further study and is a useful edition to have on your shelf and, although short in length, it is a good read.

This title is long out of print and still fairly easy to locate on specialist online secondhand bookstores such as & – it often commands a price that defies its size due to its scarcity.