Peterborough to Newark (Featuring Grantham) Eastern Main Lines Series

by Vic Mitchell and Keith Smith

Amazon Review: A welcome addition to the Middleton Press range covering the East Coast Main Line between Peterborough and Newark, particularly valuable for illustrating the many small intermediate stations which were all closed 50 or more years ago and which added so much interest to a journey along the line. Most of these served very small communities and were often located some distance from the places they purported to serve and towards the end must have generated very little revenue. Indeed at closure Hougham and Claypole were served by only one morning up train Mon – Sat and a mid-daytrain in the down direction on Mon – Fri only.
Sadly many of the photographs have not reproduced well on the semi-matt paper Middleton continue to use despite yet another price rise. Use of quality gloss paper would make the books so much more attractive to the buyer put off by the fuzzy greyness and lack of detail inherent in the current product. Indeed this may have led to the editors to mistake the station in pictures 49 and 52 as Little Bytham when it is in fact Essendine.