Racing Trains – The 1895 Railway Races to the North

by C David Wilson

Although not a pure GNR title, this inevitably has substantial reference to Stirling and the management of the GNR part of the line and how the Stirling Singles were a critical part of the East Coast team.

David Wilson has written an excellent work that builds on the contemporary classic “Kinnaber or The Great Railway Race to the North” by W J Scott or OS Nock’s “ The Railway Race to the North” and includes a lot of the background management and organisation matters behind these events and has excellent loco photos throughout.

It is interesting to note that there are no maps of the routes or photos of key locations, such as the choke point at Kinnaber Junction, but it is still a very interesting read

The book is out of print but copies can be picked up online from the usual locations, but it is not readily available and also not hugely expensive from what I have seen. Definitely worth obtaining a copy.