…Schemes for Extending Railway Communication between London and York, &c.1845

by Anonymous

Full Title: Report of the Railway Department of the Board of Trade on Schemes for Extending Railway Communication between London and York, &c. -1845.

For the GNR this is one of the key documents leading up to the founding of the company by the 1846 act. It was this report that caused uproar by going against the flow of expectations and it recommends the route recommended and promoted by George Hudson, the Railway King who was in his prime at this time. There is substantial evidence of underhand lobbying and dubiously bad briefing. The results of this report by the Board of Trade eventually brought down its demise only a year after it had been created.

Despite the recommendations of this official document, Parliament went against the report in what was one of the most titanic parliamentary battles of the 19th Century and the promoted line, the London & York Railway (together with the late amalgamation with the Direct Northern Railway) – renamed itself “The Great Northern Railway” was born in June 1846, and the rest (as they say) is history!

This is a facsimile published by the British Library at some point but does not have a publication date. It is hard to find and usually commands a higher price on sites like eBay or abebooks.co.uk than you would expect for a modern and slim book.


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