Short History of the Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway (A)

by Ronald H Clark

Another Book on the M&GNJR. Not part of the mainstream element of the GNR, but still a part of the make-up and background of the unified whole. There is a separate line society dedicated to the study of the M&GNJR – see the Other Line Societies section for a link to their website.

Ronald Clark’s book is another excellent history of line with an unusually large number of sketched maps and line diagrams which set it aside from others and the slightly larger format makes good use of this. Although long out of print, good copies should have a separate diagrammatic line drawing of the main station and line layouts which is about A2 size and it is worth getting a copy where this remains with the book as it is loose and will easily have been lost or used as a nice framed picture.

I am sure that this is essential reading for M&GNJR fans, but it is still both interesting and very informative for GNR fans who want to add to their knowledge of the wider aspects of their railway.

The title is readily available on most online book sites like, or

p.s. – Why could the GNR not have created a company logo as good as and similar to this?