Stafford & Uttoxeter Railway (The)

by Allan C Baker and Mike G Fell

Publisher’s Notes:

The 121/2 mile Stafford & Uttoxeter Railway opened in 1867 and had running powers from Bromshall Junction into the North Staffordshire Railway station at Uttoxeter. At the other end of the line the S&UR, with the agreement of the L&NWR, accessed Stafford Station which was also used by NSR trains. The line spent most of its independent life in receivership, eventually being acquired by the enterprising Great Northern Railway in 1881. This book explores how that railway developed its relationship with the NSR over whose line it had to pass in order to reach its own metals at Egginton Junction. At the grouping of the railways in 1923, the GNR became part of the L&NER whereas the NSR and L&NWR became part of the LM&SR and so it was that Stafford and Uttoxeter continued to be locations where the trains and liveries of different railway companies rubbed shoulders. The narrative describes the personalities, operation and traffic of the S&UR, and examines the industries served by the railway, including the extensive salt works located at Stafford Common. The former S&UR lost its passenger service in 1939 but the line survived to become nationalised, the through link finally closing in 1951. The result of extensive and detailed primary research, the book is profusely illustrated and will appeal to railway enthusiasts and those who want to learn more about past commercial and industrial enterprise in the area in which they reside.

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