4mm Modelling Supplies

  • This listing has been compiled to enable modellers of the Great Northern Railway to identify items that are currently available from trade sources.
  • Several of the traders listed operate as one person businesses and/or on a batch production basis, so not all items may be readily available from stock.
  • During preparation of this listing, supplier websites have been viewed and also the CLAG website and their Supplier.txt trade listing.
  • Items specific to the GNR/ECJS and LNER have been included in this listing but supplier.txt also contains contact details for suppliers of raw materials and tools for scratch builders.
  • The GNRS would be happy to include further items to this listing and welcome comments from users of the list for additions. The listing will be periodically updated.
  • The GNRS provides via its website, a bibliography of books that are relevant to the history, workings and Rolling stock of the Great Northern Railway. The GNRS also publish a range of publications and disks covering Carriages, Wagons, Timetables and associated items that will be an aid to modellers. The publication sales list is also available on the website.
  • A further internet resource for information relating GNR/LNER modelling are the following:-
  • The LNER Encyclopedia website, this contains a Forum covering both modelling and historical aspects of the LNER and its constituents – www.LNER.info/Forums
  • A more general Forum can be accessed at www.rmweb.co.uk, this includes modelling, historical and trade updates but covers a wide range of railway companies and scales.
  • Please mention the Great Northern Railway Society and this listing when contacting traders.
  • For further information on the Great Northern Railway Society and the benefits of membership, visit our website or ask at our display stand.

Stephen White – Version 2- September 2017

GNR ClassLNER/ BR ClassDescriptionWheelsLondon Road ModelsWills SE FinecastCraftsman ModelsHornbyBachmannDJH Model LocoDave BradwellAce ModelsPDKConnoisseur ModelsGNR/ ShapewaysWalsworth ModelsAJModels/ Shapeways
J4J4 Conversion kit for 1031 1081 1091 series0-6-0GNRC1
A1A3Gresley Pacific4-6-2RTRK80
B3As above, Chassis only 2-2-2WSF
B3Stirling, Express Loco – Body moulding2-2-2FUD
C1C2Atlantic – Small4-4-2K74Kit
C1C1Atlantic – Large4-4-2NRMK73Kit
C2C12Atlantic Tank4-4-2TLOCO89(1)F141(2)LK1Kit
D1D2Ivatt Passenger4-4-0LOCO87Kit
D1D2Gresley Superheated D14-4-0LOCO88
D2D4Ivatt Passenger 400 class4-4-0LOCO90
D3D3Rebuilt GNR D2 – Flat4-4-0LOCO91
G1Ivatt Long Tank ( Chassis)4-4-0WSF
G1Ivatt (Replacement Bogie)FUD
G1Ivatt Long Tank (Body, Cab & details)4-4-0FUD
H3K2/2Gresley Mogul 2cyl2-6-0LOCO82Kit
H4K3Gresley Mogul 3cyl2-6-0F161RTRKit
J4J3Gresley 315/343 Series – 4’8″ boiler0-6-0LOCO83
J5J4Stirling Goods – 4’5″ boiler0-6-0LOCO84
J13J52Ivatt Saddle Tank0-6-0STRTR(3)KitWM/L400
J15J54Ivatt Saddle Tank0-6-0STWM/L404
J22J6Gresley 521/536 series0-6-0LOCO81Kit
J23J50/J51Ardsley Tank0-6-0TK98KitX
N1N1Ivatt Suburban Tank0-6-2TLOCO85KitP01/FUD
N2N2Gresley Suburban Tank0-6-2TRTRChassis Kit
O2O2Gresley ‘Tango’ Pt 1-4, Side Window Cab2-8-0KitPDK45
O2O2Gresley ‘Tango’ Pt 1-4, GN Cab & GN Tender2-8-0KitPDK45a
TenderGNRGNR 3500 Gallon TenderT18
TenderGNRStirling Class ‘D’TEND81
TenderGNRIvatt – HorseshoeTEND82
TenderGNRIvatt – Self trimmingTEND83
TenderGNRGNR/LNER 6 Wheel Tender to Doncaster Diagram R13TEND84
TenderGNRGNR 3500 Gallon Tender – IvattFUD


  • The LRM C12 model depicts the early batch with square cornered bunker.
  • The SEF & Craftsman C12 model depicts the later round corner build, these kits do not include condensing pipes.
  •  The RTR J52 has an incorrect wheelbase. The model incorporates the Jinty chassis.


  • GNR models products are supplied though the Shapeways site and are computer generated 3D models
  • FUD:- Frosted Ultra Detail – Matte translucent plastic that showcases fine and intricate details
  • WSF:- White Strong & Flexible – White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel

RailwayDescription SupplierPart No
GNRGNR Standard Parallel ( pack of 4)LMSLB15
GNR/LNERGNR locomotive buffers ( 4)MJT4904
GNR/LNERGNR Parallel Buffers (per 4)CraftsmanC64
GNR/LNERGNR Tapered Buffers (per 4)CraftsmanC65
GNR/LNERGNR round base, parallel buffersAlan Gibson4904
GNR/LNERGNR Smokebox Door (17mm dia)CraftsmanC66
GNR/LNERGNR Ivatt 3’3” ChimneyCraftsmanC67
GNR/LNERGNR D2/D3 Built up chimneyAlan Gibson4M752
GNR/LNERGNR D2/D3 Cast iron chimneyAlan Gibson4M751
GNR/LNERGresley K3 “later” chimneyPDKEC25
GNR/LNERGNR D2/D3 Dome – ShortAlan Gibson4M756
GNR/LNERGNR D2/D3 Dome – TallAlan Gibson4M755
GNR/LNERGNR Ivatt Dome (C12 etc)CraftsmanC68
GNR/LNERGNR Ramsbottom safety valveAlan Gibson4M754
GNR/LNERGNR Stirling safety valveAlan Gibson4M753
GNR/LNERGNR C12 – Profiled Milled FramesAlan GibsonLM1-43
GNR/LNERGNR C12 4-4-2T FramesMousaLFF0422
GNR/LNERGNR J4 – Profile milled framesAlan GibsonLM1-49
GNR/LNERGNR J23 – Profile milled framesAlan GibsonLM1-77
GNR/LNERD2 – Profile milled framesAlan GibsonLM1-206
GNR/LNERJ22/J6 – Profile milled framesAlan GibsonLM1-17
GNR/LNERJ13/J52 – Profile milled framesAlan GibsonLM1-130
GNR/LNERLNER J52(GNR J53) Chassis Kit for Hornby J52 – to correct wheelbaseMainly TrainsMT106S
GNR/LNERH3/K2 – Profile milled framesAlan GibsonLM1-167
GNR/LNERN2 – Profile Milled framesAlan GibsonLM1-16
GNR/LNERGNR 02 Profile milled framesAlan GibsonLM1-28
GNR/LNER3000 Gal Tender (6′ 10″x 6′ 1″)Alan GibsonTM2-10
GNR/LNERLNER J52 Body Detailing KitMainly TrainsMT107
GNR/LNERLNER J52 MT107+MT106SMainly TrainsMT109
GNR/LNERLNER J52 Tank balance pipesMainly TrainsMT321
GNR/LNERLNER J52 InjectorsMainly TrainsMT323
GNR/LNERLNER J52 Sandboxes, 2 Front, 2 RearMainly TrainsMT324
LNERLNER J50 – Profile milled framesAlan GibsonLM1-77

RailwayWheelsBody LengthDescriptionDiaD&SWizard/ RDEBKemilway/ Peter KMousa
GNR2x4B58′ 6″Gresley Saloon Third21DS278-4
GNR2x6B65′ 6″Gresley Composite Dining Car (Sheffield Stock)60DS804-4
GNR6x4B246′ 1″Quintuple Dining Car set78FGNQD
GNR2x4B58′ 6″Full Brake83CB4
GNR2x4B60′ 6″Corridor Brake First( Sheffield Stock/ Manchester Flyers)96GNRD096
GNR2x4B63′ 6″Corridor Brake First97GNRD097
GNR2x4B52′ 6″Composite114CB15
GNR2x4B45′ 0″Composite – Howlden129273-4BCK0440 R
GNR6W31′ 10″Composite Lavatory148BCK0448 R
GNR6W38′ 6″Brake Composite154BCK0449 R
GNR6W32′ 10″Composite156DS285-4
GNR2x4B60′ 6″Corridor Composite164FGNRD164F
GNR2x4B58′ 6″Brake Composite176CB1
GNR2x4B58′ 1½’Brake Composite183DS279-4
GNR2x4B45′ 0″Brake Composite – Howlden189274-4BCK0461 R
GNR2x4B61′ 6″Brake Composite218ACB3
GNR3x4B101′ 0″Open Brake Third + Corridor Composite Twin218CCGNR218CC
GNR3x4B101′ 0″Pantry Brake First + Corridor Composite Twin218DDGNRD218DD
GNR2x4B61′ 6″Composite218FCB2
GNR2x4B60′ 6″Semi-open Third ( Sheffield Stock)220GNRD220
GNR2x4B52′ 6″Third Open229298-4
GNR6W32′ 0″Third245DS282-4BCK0446 R
GNR2x4B52′ 6″Corridor Third228/248C296-4
GNR2x4B52′ 6″Third Open248A/EGNRD248A/E
GNR2x4B52′ 6″Third248DCB14
GNR2x4B61′ 6″Third249B/277BCB5
GNR2x4B60′ 6″Corridor Brake Third ( Sheffield Stock)256GNRD256
GNR2x4B60′ 6″Corridor Brake Third257GNRD257
GNR6WLuggage BrakeDS266
GNR2x4B45′ 0″Brake Third – Howlden277275-4BCK0441 R
GNR6W34′ 10″Brake Third281DS283-4BCK0447 R
GNR2x4B51′ 0″Luggage Brake293280-4
GNR2x4B45′ 0″Luggage Brake296276-4BRK0463 R
GNR6W32′ 0″Luggage Brake301DS266-4BCK0462 R
GNR6W29′ 0″Luggage Brake303BCK0429 R
GNR2x4B51′ 1½”Luggage Brake307292-4
GNR2x4B51′ 1½”Gresley Luggage Brake310281-4BCK0437 E
GNR2x4B45′ 0″Bogie Milk Van – Howlden329277-4
GNR6W29′ 0″Fruit & Milk Van331267-4
GNR4W18′ 1½”Horse Box352DS265
GNR4W21′ 0″Carriage Truck – Vertical boarding360DS289
GNR4W21′ 0″Carriage Truck – Horizontal boarding364DS268
GNR4W18′ 10″Open Carriage Truck375DS290
GNR3x4B69′ 11″Composite + Brake Third(Dia 156 + Dia 281)218B807-4
GNR3x4B65′ 4″Third + Third (Dia 245 + Dia 245)248F808-4
GNR4x4B104′ 11½”Composite + Composite + Brake Third( Dia 156+156+281)194809-4
GNR4x4B103′ 1½”Third + Composite + Brake Third(Dia 281+156+245)218D810-4
GNR4x4B105′ 10½”Brake Third + Composite + Brake Third(Dia 281+156+281)218T811-4
GNRQuad-Art140′ 11″Bk Third+Compo+Compo+Bk Third (Dia281+156+156+281)218H812-4
LNERQuad-ArtBk3rd+3rd+Comp+ Comp/Brk3rd+3rd+3rd+3rd(Dia 68+69+70+71+72+73+74+75?)68-74BCK0161
GN&NE2x4B58′ 6″First Open11GNNED011
GN&NE2x4B58′ 6″Third Open ( Buffet Conversion to GNR 78T/V in 1933)9GNNED009
GN&NE2x4B58′ 6″Corridor Third7GNNED007
ECJS2x4B58′ 6″Corridor composite(Elliptical Roof)2AECJSD002A
ECJS2x4B61′ 6″Corridor composite (with luggage compt- Elliptical roof)2BECJSD002B
ECJS2x4B58′ 6″Corridor composite(Elliptical Roof)3AECJSD003A
ECJS2x4B58′ 6″Open third dining saloon (1914 Flying Scotsman)(Ellip Roof)29AECJSD029A
ECJS2x4B58′ 6″Corridor third (Elliptical roof)34ECJSD034
ECJS2x4B56′ 6″Royal Train Luggage Brake van – No 109 – (Elip Roof) etches only38BCK0079c
ECJS2x4B56′ 6″Royal Train Luggage Brake van – No 135 – (Elip roof) etches only39EBCK0079d
ECJS2x6B65′ 6″Brake comp corridor – York Matchboard(Elliptical roof)45BCK0064
ECJS2x4B58′ 6″Corridor Brake Third49ECJSD049
ECJS2x4B58′ 6″Corridor Brake Third49AECJSD049A
ECJS3x4B113′ 6″Twin sleeper first (Elliptical roof)68ECJSD068
ECJS2x4B58′ 6″Open first dining saloon (1914 Flying Scotsman)75AECJSD075A
ECJSRestaurant First Corridor ( Clerestory) – etches only76ABCK0088
ECJS2x4B53′ 6″Kitchen Car ( 1914 Flying Scotsman)80AECJSD080A
ECJS12BClerestory – Corridor brake thirdPK61/89
ECJS12BClerestory – Corridor Luggage CompositePK62/89
ECJS12BClerestory – Corridor all thridPK63/89
ECJS12BClerestory – Dining carPK64/89
ECJS2x4B46′ 6″Brake Van (Clerestory roof)36/42DS310-4


  • D&S Cat no’s are shown for reference. The 4mm range is no longer in continous production but Dan Pinnock is offering some 4mm items for periodic sale. These items are shown as DSxxx in Bold, items noted are from 2016/17 lists, updates are provided in GNN and on the LNER Encyclopedia Forum.
  • Mousa Cat no’s are shown from the website – users of the list should check on availabilty via the website – (R) Resin, (E) Etch
  • Kemilway/Peter K should be checked via email, letter or phone. The items shown are included on the website at time of preparing this list.
  • RDEB are available through Wizard Models, at shows and via the Wizard website

CompanyDescriptionMJTWizard/ 51L/ RDEB247 DeveloptsEileens/ MousaModel Railway DevRoxey MouldingsAlan GibsonWizard/ CometDave BradwellLMSMike TriceGNR Models
LNERGresley bow end panelled – 9′ width – cast2814(1 pr)
LNERGresley bow end panelled for passenger brake vehicles – cast (1×9′, 1×8’6″)2830
LNERGresley bow end (panelled) for non-passenger brake vehicles- 8’6″ – cast 2831 (1 pr)C508
LNER51′ 1½” Non Vestibule Panelled ends – Etch2853C507
LNERGresley Gangwayed endsEE1
LNERGresley Gangwayed brake ends (one plain, one brake)EE2
LNERGresley Non Gangwayed endsEE3
LNERGresley Non Gangwayed brake ends (1 plain, 1 brake)EE8
LNEREnd castings set – clipped buffers, Pullman GangwayECE1
LNERTorpedo Ventilators ( Short type)2940
LNERGresley Domed roof end castings2813
LNERAluminium Roof (LNER Profile for 61’6″)2971
LNERLNER Gresley 61′ 6″ carriage roofC10B
LNERLNER Gresley 52′ 6″ carriage roofC10A
LNERAluminium Roof (LNER Profile for 51′ 1½” )2971S
LNERAluminium Roof (LNER Profile 140mm for vans)2971V
LNERGresley 61’6″ carriage roof -Plastic moulding to Isinglass drawingsLNEC001
MiscShell ventilators ( Tall early version)2941
MiscGas lamp tops – GWR!2945(Pk 12)
MiscOil Lamp tops – with filler2947(Pk 10)
LNERStandard 60ft Underframe Set – Turnbuckle2800T
LNERStandard 60ft Underframe Set – Angle Iron2800A
LNERStandard 51ft Underframe Set – Turnbuckle2805T
LNERStandard 51ft Underframe Set – Angle iron2805A
LNER Underframe 61′ 6″, 63′ 0″ – Etched brassUE1
LNERUnderframe 59′ 6″ and SR 59′ – Etched brass UE2
LNERUnderframe 51′,52′ 4″ – Etched brassUE3
LNERStandard 60ft Truss Rods – Angle Iron – Cast2801
LNERStandard 51ft Truss Rods – Angle Iron – Cast2806
LNER60ft Truss rods – Turnbuckle – etch2808
LNER51ft Truss rods – Turnbuckle – etch2809
LNERTruss Posts (Queen post)2810
LNERLNER turnbuckle underframe trusses and queen posts for one Gresley 61′ 6″ and one 51′ coachC31
LNER60ft Vestibule Floorplan – Passenger Veh – Etch2815
LNER60ft Vestibule Floorplan – Pass Brakes – Etch2818
LNER51′ 1½” Non-vestibule floorpan – Etch2850
LNERStandard Double Battery Boxes (Late Type)2802
LNERLNER single battery box – cast x4C45
LNERBattery Boxes – for Turnbuckle U/F -post 19272811
LNERPost 1927 Twin battery boxes – 2 items per packLNEC003
MiscCarriage Gas Cylinders (LYR)LYRC055
MiscNER/LNER vacuum reserve tank x4NERC053C48
LNERStandard Coach Vacuum Cylinder sets2803
LNERStandard Coach Dynamos2804C33
LNERUnderframe castings:-Dynamo, vacuum cylinders, battery boxes, vacuum reserve tanks and regulator boxes( 1 pack)UCE1
NER/LNERWestinghouse CylindersNERC052
LNERV Hangers – etchC11
LNERStandard Coach Buffers-Vestibule retracted2807
LNERNon-Vestibule Coach buffers – Pre1930 (Sprung)2332S
LNERNon-Vestibule Coach buffers – Post 1930 (Sprung)2333S
MiscScrew Couplings – Etch4951
GNR/ECJSBuffer shank bases (Pk24)LNEC006
LNERNon-vestibule carriage buffer- Sprung, assembled40163
LNERQuad Art Carriage Buffer – Sprung, assembled40164
Misc(LYR) Sprung Carr buffers (similar shank to GNR) (2pr)LYRC025
LNERLNER End castings set – Jumper cables / round buffers
LNERLNER clipped buffers x12C39
MiscVacuum Brake pipe – Pack of 10VP02
LNERLNER/NER Westinghouse & Steam PipesUC010
LNERCosmetic Bogie; Gresley 8’6″ Standard – cast (1Pr)2411LNEC002
GNRCosmetic Bogie; Fox 8’0″ – cast2416
LNERCosmetic Bogie; Gresley 8’6″, Heavy duty – cast2412
LNERCosmetic Bogie; Gresley 8’0″, Heavy duty – cast2414
LNERRigid Bogie; Gresley 8ft 6in – cast2411A
LNERRigid Bogie; Gresley 8ft 6in, Heavy Duty – cast2412A
LNER8ft 6in bogie stepboards – etch7030
GNR8ft bogie stepboards – etch7031
MiscRigid Bogie Frame 8′ 0″ – etch only2553
MiscRigid Bogie Frame 8′ 6″ – etch only2556
MiscRigid Bogie Frame 9′ 0″ – etch only2559
MiscBogie – CCU 10′ 0″ Wheelbase – etch only2221
MiscBogie – CCU 9′ 0″ Wheelbase – etch only2222
MiscBogie – CCU 8′ 6″ Wheelbase – etch only2223
MiscCarriage – CCU Articulation Unit – etch2229
MiscFox Bogie frames – 8′ 0″ wheelbase (Pair) – etch4A510
MiscFox Bogie frames, Heavy – 8′ 0″ wheelbase (Pair) – etch4A520
LNERGresley 8′ 6″ bogies – White metal casting C470
LNERGresley 8′ 6″ bogies, with stepboard – W/metal castingC471
LNERGresley 8′ 6″ bogies, 3 step type – W/metal casting C471A
GNR/LNERPre-grouping 8′ 0″ Fox Bogie frame – etch, no castingsBBK0801-4
LNERLNER 8′ 6″ Bogie Frame – etch, no castingsBBK0850-4
GNRGNR 6-Wheeled Bogie Frame – etch, no castingsBBK1180-4
Misc10′ 0″ Wheelbase Bogie Frame – etch, no castingsBBK0100-4
LNERGresley 8’6″ bogieBE1
LNERGresley 8′ 6″ Heavy Duty bogie – castings onlyBE3C
LNERGresley 8′ 6″ bogie – etchBE1E
LNERGresley 8′ 6″ Heavy Duty bogie – etch onlyBE3E
MiscSprung Coach Bogie – 10′ 0″ wheelbase X
MiscSprung Coach Bogie – 8′ 6″ wheelbase X
MiscSprung Coach Bogie – 8′ 0″ wheelbase X
LNERLNER/Pullman Ganway (working)2820
LNERLNER/Pullman Type gangway4A114C24
LNERDoor ventilator hoods – cast2812
LNERCarriage door/grab handles – Etch2816
LNERGuards handles – etch2817
LNERCompartment doors (interior) – Etch2819
LNERInterior partition for composite carriage/brake – etch2833
LNERBrake partition – etch2834
LNERNon-corridor partition2854
MiscMachined brass ‘T’ HandlesUC046M12(Pk 10)
TPOTranductor Kit(etched net frame, cast arms)C440 (1 Kit)
GNRDoor drop lights – GNR, ECJS, LNERLNEC009
LNERCompartment PartitionsLNEC010
GNRGNR/ECJS Carriage Interior – 3rd classGNRC003
GNRGNR/ECJS Carriage Interior – 1st classGNRC004
LNERGuards Lookout DucketsC15
MiscP4 3’7″ Mansell Wheels, pack of 4
MiscP4 3’7″ Mansell Wheels, pack of 20
MiscEM 14mm Mansell Wheels ( 2 axles per pack)18204
MiscOO Finescale 14mm Mansell (2 axles per pack)16504
MiscOO Standard 14mm Mansell (2 axles per pack)16004
MiscP4 14mm Mansell Wheels (2 axles per pack)18804
Misc14mm Mansell wheels (OO, EM, P4)4004
MiscMansell wooden wheel inserts – cast2202
GNRTorpedo ventilators and gas lamp topsFUD
GNRGNR 3 bolt coach buffers as fitted to the 6 wheelers. Use in conjunction with 13″ sprung buffer heads from MJT. (Fret of 40 or 80 available)FUD
GNRFittings for GNR 6 wheel coaches featuring axleboxes, springs, torpedo vents, gas lamps and buffers. ( Fret of 1,2 or 3 vehicles available) FUD
GNRGuard’s Duckets for 6 wheel and bogie stock (2 per)FUD
GNR58′ 0″ Coach roof – Material WSFBPR0123

  • 3D Models – Materials
    “Mike Trice” and “GNR Models” products are supplied though the Shapeways site and are computer generated 3D models
  • FUD:- Frosted Ultra Detail – Matte translucent plastic that showcases fine and intricate details
  • WSF:- White Strong & Flexible – White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel

GNROpen12 ton 6 plank Open Wagon Kit, 9′ 0″ WB wood u/f1921CambrianC81Kit
GNROpenD7A/47 Colwick Wagon, 9 Ton, 10′ 0″ WB – resinMousaBWK0400Resin
GNROpenD 9/19 Single Plank wagon, 9 Ton, 9′ 6″ WBMousaBWK0401Resin
GNROpenD 1/2 Four Plank Wagon, 9 ton, 8′ 6″ WBMousaBWK0402Resin
GNROpenD7/38 Five plank coal wagon, 10 ton, 9′ 6″ WBMousaBWK0403Resin
GNROpenD7/53 Seven Plank end door coal wagon, 10 ton, 9′ 0″ WB MousaBWK0404Resin
GNRCovered VanD15/5 Covered Goods Van, outside frame, 8 Ton Van, 9′ 6″ WBMousaBWK0405Resin
GNRBrake Van18′ 6″ Brake VanMousaBWK0406Resin
GNRCovered VanClerestory Fish VanD&SDS330Kit
GNRCovered VanClerestory Fruit/milk VanD&SDS331Kit
GNRBrake van10 Ton Horizontal planks – 4 wheelD&SDS335Kit
GNRBrake van20 ton Vertical planks – 4 wheelD&SDS336Kit
GNRBrake van20 ton Horizontal planks – 6 wheelD&SDS337Kit
GNRBrake van20 ton Vertical planks – 4 wheelD&SDS338Kit
GNRBrake van10 Ton Ballast Brake – etchedD&SDS263Kit
MiscUnderframe16′ 6″ RCH Wood Underframe (9′ wheelbase – 36mm)CambrianC34Kit
MiscUnderframe16′ 6″ / 17′ 6″ RCH Steel Underframe (9′ wheelbase – 36mm)CambrianC35Kit
MiscUnderframe15′ 0″ Gloucester Wood Underframe (9′ w/base – 36mm)CambrianC43Kit
GNRComponentsGrease axle box with spring (4)MJT2253
GNRComponentsGrease axlebox, no spring (12)MJT2253A
LNERComponentsOil axlebox with spring (4)MJT2243
MiscComponentsWagon Vacuum pipes, uprightMJT2950
MiscComponentsWagon Vacuum pipes, hangingMJT2951
MiscComponentsBrake lever, lever guides, & vees for 10′-11′ wheelbase – 5 items in pack51LBLGVC
MiscComponentsBrake lever, lever guides & vees for 12′-14′ wheelbase – 5 items in pack51LBLGVE
MiscComponentsBrake lever, lever guides, & vees for 8′-10′ wheelbase – 5 items in pack51LBLGVB
LNERComponents1′ 8½”, 13″ Diahead – 2 Rib Buffer – Pack of 4 LMSB051
MiscComponentsVacuum Brake Pipe, upright – Pack of 12LMSVP01
GNRGNR Unfitted wagon Buffer shank (40 or 80)Mike TriceShapeways3D Print
GNRGNR Unfitted wagon Buffer shank with wooden spacer( 40 or 80)Mike TriceShapeways3D Print
GNRAssorted Axleboxes/Springs (40 pieces)GNR Grease No 5 axleboxes with a 10 leaf spring (8)Mike TriceShapeways3D Print
GNRAssorted Axleboxes/Springs (40 pieces)GNR Oil “G” axlebox with top handle and 10 leaf spring (8),Mike TriceShapeways3D Print
GNRAssorted Axleboxes/Springs (40 pieces)GNR Oil “G” axlebox with top handle and 6 leaf spring (8),Mike TriceShapeways3D Print
GNRAssorted Axleboxes/Springs (40 pieces)GNR Oil “G” axlebox with side handle and 10 leaf spring (8),Mike TriceShapeways3D Print
GNRAssorted Axleboxes/Springs (40 pieces)GNR Oil “G” axlebox with side handle and 6 leaf spring (8),Mike TriceShapeways3D Print
GNRAccessoriesWagon Tarpaulin sheetsRoger SmithTARP413
GNRAccessoriesWagon Tarpaulin sheets ( as above but 18 different numbers)Roger SmithTARP413x18


  • D&S kits are offered on a fixed quantity build please contact them direct for availability
  • 3D printed items are available in Frosted Ultra Detail, Matte translucent plastic

Complete Signal Kits

CompanyRailwayCat NoDescription
MSELNERS4/EH1LNER/BR(E) tubular post upper quadrant home signal – 27’6″ tall
MSELNERS4/KE1 LNER/BR (E/NE) tubular post upper quadrant build as home or distant, up to 30ft tall
MSEGNRS4/KE3S4/KE3 LNER (GNR) concrete post upper quadrant modernised ex-GNR type, builds up to 25ft tall
MSELNERS4/KE4 LNER wooden post upper quadrant early standard design, builds up to 27ft tall
MSEGNRS4/KE6LNER(ex GNR area) lattice post upper quadrant signal kit – up to 21′

Etched brass signal arms & fittings

CompanyRailwayCat NoDescription
MSEGenS003 McKenzie & Holland lower quadrant parts for 23 signals of different railway companies including somersault & slotted post types.
MSEGNRS003/3MGNR Somersault miniature signal arms – 3 arms incl J brackets and linkages
MSEGNRS003/3GNR Somersault signal arms – 4 homes 2 distants incl J brackets and linkages
MSEGenS0012/1 Upper quadrant signal parts Super detailed parts for one home or distant; includes balance lever, platform etc
MSEGenS0012/2 Upper quadrant signal arms 7 homes, 1 distant and 2 shunting   arms;   includes   7   sets   of   post   fittings   (ex-D&S300SA/250PF)

Etched  brass  &  cast  white  metal/pewter signal posts and fittings

CompanyRailwayCat NoDescription
MSEGenS001Signal post fittings – etched A selection of balance levers, brackets, weights and signal wire cranks (ex-D&S 250PF)
MSEGenS0017 20′ wooden posts – wide base with side bearing; remove bearing for use a bracket base post
MSEGNRS001825′ concrete signal posts Pierced with pear-shaped holes as GNR/LNER prototype; finial included
MSEGenS0020 Lattice post for  brackets 20ft flat-braced tapered lattice base post, Railway Signal Co type
MSELNERS0022Lattice dolls 2 x 15′ & 1x 9′ lattice posts for bracket signals
MSELNERS0023 Lattice post – 45ft with ladder & landings – bearings for sky arm & co-acting arm
MSEGenS0033 Short wooden dolls Cast white metal 7’3″ tall dolls; 6′ to arm bearing (ex-D&S 250SD1)
MSEGenS0033/1 Medium wooden dolls Cast pewter 9’9″ tall dolls; 8′ to arm bearing ( ex D&S 250SD2)
MSEGenS0033/2 Tall wooden dolls Cast 15′ tall dolls; 13’6″ to arm bearing(ex D&S 250SD2)
MSEGNRS0040 GNR/LNER 23ft lattice base post. For bracket signals – diamond lattice with 14″ square base (ex-D&S 250SP1)
MSEGNRS0041GNR/LNER 15ft lattice doll 8″ square base post for upper works on bracket signals (ex-D&S 250SP3)
MSEGNRS0042 GNR/LNER 23ft lattice post Standard diamond lattice for 1or 2 arms – add to S0040 base for a taller post (ex D&S 250P2)

Etched brass bracket and gantry components

CompanyRailwayCat NoDescription
MSEGNRS0024/1 GNR/LNER balanced tee bracket for equalised bracket, any height, lattice or timber
MSEGNRS0024/2 GNR/LNER equal tee and offset brackets 7′ doll centres equal tee and offset types, including staging (ex D&S250SB2)
MSEGenS0038/1 McKenzie & Holland 9′ offset bracket Style as above; can be built as LH or RH offset (ex D&S 150SB1)
MSEGNRS0039 GNR/LNER 9′ cantilever bracket Offset bracket for lattice or wooden posts; includes staging
MSEGNRS0045 GNR/LNER 46′  lattice  gantry  Girders,  landing  and  four ladders; base posts, dolls and their fittings not included (ex-D&S250SG
MSEGNRS0046 GNR/LNER 11′ lattice bracket Offset style, for use with wooden, concrete or lattice base posts (ex-D&S 250SB1)

Permanent Way

ManufacturerCat NoDescription
LMSBS20Great Northern Railway Type D Buffer Stop Kit, Rail built with 3 rail beam
LMSBS21Great Northern Railway Type D Buffer Stop Kit, Rail built with 3 rail beam
LMSBS22Great Northern Railway Type D Buffer Stop Kit, Rail built with timber beam
Eileens/ MousaBBCES466-4Great Northern Railway, Buffer Stop plates

Station Platform Items

RailwayCat NoDescriptionMaterialManufacturer
GNR GNR Benches x 2, 3 & 4FUDGNR
GNR GNR Railing Posts x 10, 20, 50 & 60FUDGNR
GNR GNR Platform Lamps x5Tr AcrylicGNR
GNR Dual Track crossing gates (based on East Lincs practise)FUDGNR
GNRLine453Gt Northern Rly Poster Board with posters –Roger Smith
GNR00-Footbridge03Great Northern Railway,  Lattice Footbridge kit – Span 180mmRowmark PlasticYork Model Rail
GNR00-Footbridge04Great Northern Railway,  Lattice Footbridge kit – Span 251.5mmRowmark PlasticYork Model Rail

Transfers & Decals

GNRGreat Northern freight vehicles 1890-1910Old Time Workshop4801
LNERWagon Transfers – (Methfix)Wizard Models12M4
LNERWagon Transfers – (Pressfix)Wizard Models12P4
GNR/ECJSCarriage Transfers – Methfix (HMRS)Wizard Models40M4
GNR/ECJSCarriage Transfers – Pressfix (HMRS)Wizard Models40P4
GNRLoco Graphics – Gold lettering for green locos, 1880-1922Fox TransfersFRH4390
GNRLoco Graphics – White lettering for grey locos, 1912/4 onFox TransfersFRH4391
GNRLoco Graphics – Gold lettering for green locos, 1880-1922Guilplates 

Etched Plates

GNRDoncaster works plates, etchedFox TransfersFEPWP4370A
GNRDoncaster 1899 works plates, etchedFox TransfersFEPWP4370B
GNRDoncaster 1900 works plates, etchedFox TransfersFEPWP4370C
GNRDoncaster 1905 works plates, etchedFox TransfersFEPWP4370D
GNRDoncaster 1905 works plates, etchedFox TransfersFEPWP4370E
GNRDoncaster works plates, etchedFox TransfersFEPWP4370F
GNRDoncaster 1914 works plates, etchedFox TransfersFEPWP4370G
GNRDoncaster undated works plates, etchedFox TransfersFEPWP4370J

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